University of the Arts London offers three different Study Abroad programmes.

These programmes provide deeply rewarding experiences. Choose the best one for you, depending on how long you want to study and how you prefer to learn.

See the courses available on each programme

  • Integrated study abroad image of a student pouring.
    Photography: Monica Alcazar Duarte

    Integrated Study Abroad

    Study alongside local honours degree students for one, two or three terms and fully integrate into the BA course and UK student life.

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    Photography: Monica Alcazar Duarte

    Semester Study Abroad

    Semester Study Abroad provides structured teaching and support as well as allowing you to choose from a range of electives that suit your study needs.

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    Photography: Monica Alcazar Duarte

    Summer Schools

    Summer Schools vary in length depending on the College and are a great opportunity for students who cannot study for a full semester or year.


Before applying, you must speak to your home institution and ensure that credits you earn at UAL will be recognised. Please contact us if you need a copy of the Course Handbook, which describes the academic content and structure of the courses. 

Credits for Integrated Programmes

All integrated courses at UAL are credit rated. You are awarded credit points when learning is successfully assessed and you have completed a learning unit. The smallest units in the scheme have 10 credit points and each individual credit point normally equates to 10 hours of learning across three areas:

  • Taught or tutor directed learning
  • Learning through access to School and College facilities
  • Self-directed study and learning time 

Assessed work includes project work, preparatory materials, your log and written assignments, and other work as appropriate. 40 credits are available for each term.

A grade conversion table is available to assist in credit transfer. 

At the end of your course of study a transcript of your grades is sent to your home address as well as your home institution or the agency through which your application arrived. Please note that while we can provide subsequent replacement transcripts these will incur a £25 administration fee.

Teaching style

You will probably find that you are expected to work more independently than you are used to. Our faculty will be aware of this and will work with you to help you realise your goals and ambitions by giving guidance, and helping you identify the resources you need. You will not always find 'classes' as you know them, but you will find it a very stimulating way of learning.

Once you have been accepted and after you arrive, you will receive a schedule of activities for the term. Courses are delivered in a variety of ways, including individual and group tutorials, projects, seminars, lectures and museum, gallery and studio visits. The latter gives the opportunity to put what you are learning into its historical and cultural context, and immerse yourself in London! While you are a student you will also be expected to undertake some independent research.

Customised programmes

We can customise a programme of any length, and at any time of the year, for groups of students from your university. This service is not available to individual students.

Contact us at to find out more.