Integrated Study Abroad

Student painting on canvas. Photography: Monica Alcazar-Duarte
Photography: Monica Alcazar-Duarte

Study alongside local honours degree students for one, two or three terms and fully integrate into the BA course and UK student life.

Much of your time will be spent independent of your teachers and you will need to adapt quickly to a different way of teaching and studying. Come prepared to take part in live projects and gain real insights into your work.

Check the subject groups at the bottom of the page to see which courses are available on this programme.

I loved that studying at UAL was so different from home. I met a final year student in the studio one day and ended up helping on her Final BA show.

- Marc La Pointe, Washington State University

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Instead of choosing classes, you will be assigned a set programme of classes by the Course Director, and determined after you arrive.

At the Welcome Day for Study Abroad students, you will be given details (including time, date and location) of a first meeting with your Course Director. At this meeting you will receive further information about your course, including a timetable and a tour of all of the important venues in your College.

You will take classes in just one subject area in order to fully develop specialist and detailed technical skills that go deeper and further within that chosen subject area, in a way that encourages the independent research, creativity and skill building that is required for a career in professional artistic practice and the creative industries.

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Course schedule

You will be given your full schedule once you have arrived in London.

If you contact the Study Abroad office at before you arrive we can send the course handbook.

The course handbook comprehensively describes the content of the course and the classes you would take. You can then discuss the handbook with your academic advisors at your home university.

European Art History: London & Berlin

Students on an integrated Study Abroad programme can join the European Art History: London & Berlin module at the start of the Autumn or end of the Spring term. This intensive 3-week programme will introduce you to the art, history, environment and culture of London and Berlin, and includes a 4-day guided study trip to Berlin.


All integrated courses at UAL are credit rated. You are awarded credit points when learning is successfully assessed and you have completed a learning unit. The smallest units in the scheme have 10 credit points and each individual credit point normally equates to 10 hours of learning across three areas:

  • taught or tutor directed learning,
  • learning through access to School and College facilities,
  • self-directed study and learning time. 

Assessed work includes project work, preparatory materials, your log and written assignments, and other work as appropriate. 40 credits are available for each term.

A grade conversion table is available to assist in credit transfer: 

At the end of your course of study a transcript of your grades is sent to your home address as well as your home institution or the agency through which your application arrived. Please note that while we can provide subsequent replacement transcripts these will incur a £25 administration fee.

In order for your credit to transfer back to your home institution, you and your advisors should read through the course handbook together before you travel to London for them to have a clear idea about what you will be studying while you are here. It is your responsibility to make sure that your UAL classes will transfer back to your home institution.


2016/17 fees

  • £6,000 per term (except CSM Fashion)
  • CSM Fashion: £7,000 per term 

Optional European Art History module including tutor-led trip to Berlin - £1,350.

Find more information on financial aid and scholarships on the Study Abroad FAQs page.

Integrated Study Abroad courses

3D Design and Product Design

Accessories, Footwear and Jewellery

Animation, Interactive, Film and Sound

Architecture, Interior and Spatial Design

Business Management and Science

Communication and Graphic Design

Curation and Culture

Fashion Design

Fine Art and Photography


Journalism, PR, Media and Publishing

Textile and Materials

Theatre, Screen and Performance Design

Acting: Drama Centre London - Central Saint Martins

Directing: Drama Centre London - Central Saint Martins

Performance Design and Practice - Central Saint Martins

2016/17 only:

  • BA Theatre and Screen: Costume Design - Wimbledon College of Arts
  • BA Theatre and Screen: Costume Interpretation - Wimbledon College of Arts
  • BA Theatre and Screen: Set Design for Screen - Wimbledon College of Arts
  • BA Theatre and Screen: Technical Arts and Special Effects - Wimbledon College of Arts
  • BA Theatre and Screen: Theatre Design - Wimbledon College of Arts