Loan Regulations

The US Department of Education's Federal Direct Lending programme has strict and specific guidelines all universities must follow. This enables us to successfully process loans for American students as well as remain eligible to continue participating in the loans programme.

Below you will find comprehensive information regarding our Student Disclosures. 

Eligible programmes

Most of the courses offered at the University of the Arts London are eligible to receive US Federal Direct loans however, some of our courses are classified as ‘ineligible’.

Ineligibility is determined by the US Department of Education and is a result of courses being too short in duration, not being considered fully post-secondary in level, or courses that are accessible from the US via an online platform. 

Our federally ineligible programmes are:

  • all graduate certificates
  • all postgraduate certificates
  • International: Introduction to Study in Design and Media Communication (LCC)
  • International: Introduction to the Study of Fashion (LCF)
  • all short courses
  • Study Abroad programming
  • all online/distance learning studies.

All of the above courses can, however, have access to private loans such as the Sallie Mae loans with the exception of Short Courses and Study Abroad courses.

Study Abroad students can borrow loans but these loans will need to be applied for and certified through the home/US-based institution, NOT University of the Arts London. If you intend to undertake a Study Abroad programme to attend University of the Arts London for one, two or three terms, please contact your home institution’s Financial Aid Office for more information about applying for loans. 

No study in the US

Students wishing to study with the University of the Arts London, or in the UK generally, cannot borrow loans to fund any part of their studies in the US. This includes:  

  • Students undertaking a work placement. 
  • Students seeking to return to the US to finish their MA or PhD dissertations.
  • Students wishing to undertake research in the US. 

The US Department of Education encourages international study and thus returning to the US to study when enrolled at an overseas institution is not allowed with regards to receiving federal funding.  

If you wish to take part of your study in the US, please note that you will be ineligible for federal loans during that period.  Should students require funding, we would recommend the private Sallie Mae loans. 

Student Disclosure Information

Institutional and Financial Assistance Information for Students

1. Living and studying in the UK

2. Costs of Study

3. Funding options

4. University accommodation guidelines

5. Courses

6. Equality and diversity

7. Library Services

8. University Licensing

9. Support for Students with Learning difficulties/differences

10. Health and vaccinations

11. Satisfactory Academic Progress

To continue receiving loans both throughout the year and each successive year, students must demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progression (SAP). 

The University has its own policy on SAP but for loans purposes, if a student fails any part of their programme and is required to retake this, they cannot receive federal loans.

Once the failed unit(s) are cleared, and the student is deemed to have 'progressed', loan borrowing can resume.

12. Default Management Plan

The University is required to provide students with information about Default Management and how best to avoid having repayment issues post-graduation. 

13. Refund Policy (located in Enrolment information)

14. Withdrawing and taking a year out

15. Return of Title IV

The University is required to complete a Return of Title IV (R2T4) calculation if you withdraw from your studies or transfer to an ineligible programme with the University whilst you are borrowing federal loans. 

Students can only access federal loan funds if they are 'earning' them by being enrolled on an eligible programme. If your full-time enrolment status changes, you are legally required to inform us so that we can amend your loans and cancel subsequent instalments where necessary.

16. Net Point Calculator

The Net Point Calculator is also a requirement of universities and provides details about calculating cost of attendance. The University already provides a version of this information to our US students through our Cost of Attendance data.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program Certification

Students that are found guilty within the legal jurisdictions of the UK, during their period of study, will lose their eligibility for Federal Title IV Direct Loans.  If you are deemed to have violated University of the Arts London policies on drug and alcohol abuse, you may have your eligibility for loans terminated, depending in the severity of the violation. 

In cases of criminal conviction, or where students have been unsuccessful within the University’s disciplinary procedures, student loans are subject to termination. 

Student Right-to-Know Act

Where possible, the University publishes information for each of its courses (including graduation information, employment information and student satisfaction information) using UNISTATS.  This information is found on each course profile page on our website.  You can also visit UAL’s profile in UNISTATS directly:

FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)

1. Freedom of Information Act

2. Plagiarism, Referencing and Copyright

Safeguarding Customer Information

1. Student Safety Policy (including Fire Safety)

2. Student Safety (including Fire and Drug) for Accommodation

3. Safeguarding of Children Young People and Vulnerable Adults Policy April 2016 (PDF 1.13MB)

4. Data Protection

5. University Student Regulations


1. The University is approved by Quality Assurance and the Privy Council to deliver education.

2. Academic and Progression Regulations

Loan Disclosures

1. For information about US loans, please visit our dedicated US loans page.

2. Code of Conduct for Educational Loans

In order to prohibit a conflict of interest with the responsibilities of an agent with respect to private education loans, staff at the University with responsibility for Federal and Private Education Loans from the United States are prohibited from the following:

  • Revenue sharing arrangements with any lender
  • Receiving gifts from a lender, guarantor or loan servicer
  • Contracting arrangements providing financial benefit from any lender or affiliate of a lender
  • Directing borrowers to particular lenders or refusing or delaying loan certifications
  • Offers of funds for private loans
  • Call centre or financial aid office staffing assistance
  • Advisory board compensation

3. Preferred Lenders List

The University, will in most cases, via the US Loan Manager, work with whichever private lender a prospective borrower decides to use.  Prospective borrowers should be aware that the majority of private lenders choose not to offer loans to students studying outside the USA.  This is why, via our US Loan Guide, the only loans we list as being accessible are the US Federal Direct Stafford and PLUS loans or the private Sallie Mae loans.

Missing Student Notification Policy

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Gainful Employment refers to the provision of specific information about our eligible non-degree programmes as listed below.