Information About US Loans for Parents & Staff

This section will help parents better understand the loan process from start to finish, how US loans operate in the UK and what their children can expect when living and studying in London.

How loans work

Generally, we advise parents to enable their children to contact us directly and take an active role in the process if they, or their parents, have questions. Students will ultimately be responsible for themselves while in London and for paying back their loans.

By engaging with these processes from the beginning, problems with moving country, visas, enrollment, loan delinquency or default can be lessened or avoided completely.

The Pre-Departure Guide is a helpful resource, to both students and parents, about living and studying in London.  You might also find it helpful to contact our US-based representative who can assist with any questions relating to study at the University.

Data protection

We recognize that parents are keen to be involved in the US loan process however UK Data Protection law prohibits us from speaking directly to parents about their children without permission from the child, when that child is classified as an adult (aged 18 or over). 

If you would like us to help you or your child, and wish to liaise with us directly, please have your child email us and confirm that they allow us to talk to you about their finances and that they permit you to make financial decisions on their behalf. 

Loans for parents

Parents can borrow a federal loan, called the Parent PLUS loan, for use towards a child’s educational costs.  You can read more about this loan and all other loan options available in our US Loan Guide.  While this loan is in the name of the parent, it is disbursed to the University and generally refunded to the student in the first instance as this is more efficient with regards to time and cost. 

Should you wish to have your PLUS funds returned to you directly, please note that the money will undergo two sets of currency conversions as well as a lengthened refund period.  Additionally, it is your responsibility to inform us how you wish the PLUS funds to be refunded.  If we do not hear from you, the loan will be refunded to your child.