US Loans

Welcome to the US Loans pages for University of the Arts London. Please follow the links below to learn more about the loans available to help support your studies and how to apply.

Guides and FAQs

Please download our helpful documents below that provide step-by-step guidance for loan applications, clear information about the loans process from start to finish, and answers to many questions you may have.

US Loan Guide

The US Loan Guide explains the step-by-step process required to complete a full loan application, as well as various regulations to be aware of:

US Loan Flowchart

The visual style of the US Loan Flowchart is designed to help students better understand the loan application process and the steps that must be taken:

Cost of Attendance

US students can borrow loans to pay for their full estimated cost of attendance, which is the money needed to pay your tuition fees and living expenses for one academic year.

The living cost estimate is set by the University and based on figures used by other London universities as well as organisations such as the British Council.

Our cost of living estimate is non-negotiable; the borrowing of loans is intended to help you finance your study but not to support a certain lifestyle. Additionally, we have a duty of care to ensure you keep borrowing to a minimum where possible. 

Once you have determined your cost of attendance, you should multiply that by the number of years you intend to study to make sure you will be able to fund yourself:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our FAQ document has been designed to answer many of the questions you might have about the loans process. Please read each question to better understand the process of borrowing and receiving loans from start to finish: