German, Arts and Culture

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Nikolai Garcia

Evening language course at the UAL Language Centre in London. Learn to speak German for beginners and explore the German arts and culture.

During this 8-week course, you will be exposed to authentic language through listening and reading activities with an emphasis on functional and practical uses. The classes focus on speaking, pronunciation and, where relevant, on written communication.

Over the course of the programme, you will explore a variety of interesting topics such as architecture, design, fashion and society, whilst improving your ability to interact in the language.

The course includes 2 unique cultural experiences which are built in to your language development:

Classes take place at our High Holborn location, 3 minutes walk from Holborn station in central London. They take place 1 evening per week between 6pm and 8:30pm.

Dates and fees

This course will resume in October 2017. Register your interest to be the first to hear about it.

Course overview

Over the 8 weeks of the German Beginner course, you will listen to simple dialogues and be introduced to how to greet others and introduce yourself, as well as making simple requests including ordering food and drink and making your way around town. You will explore vocabulary for each of the topics above and practice dialogues to use the language and activities associated with each. You will have the opportunity to read simple texts and write your own.

Through these text and listening tasks you will be introduced to the structure of the language and will examine: numbers and days of the week, noun and adjective forms including the impact of gender, and present, past and perfect tenses.

There is a focus on the programme on oral communication and pronunciation as well as using the language for functional and practical purposes.

Course details

LessonLanguage ContentArts & Culture Content

Introductions, Asking for & Giving Personal Information
Country names
The Alphabet & Numbers

Overview of LAC
Quiz on German Language, Art and Culture

Cuisine and CultureOrdering food and drinks
Asking for the bill
Accusative case

German Cuisine

Art and Politics

Verb conjugation Sg 3. Person
Describing your favourite artist

German artists

Urban SpacesPlaces in the city
Prepositions of place
Adverbs of frequency
Leisure and entertainment in Germany
Movement and Time

Telling time
Days of the week
Responding to an invitation

Punctuality in Germany

ModernismActivities in a city
Likes and dislikes
Verb conjugation
Planning a weekend
Modern living in Germany 
Fashion and SocietyDescribing clothes
Adjective declination 
Fashion in Germany
Design and ArchitectureDescribing your area/ your home

German Architectural Styles, Housing
Living in Germany