English Plus Communication (Year Round)

English Plus Communication

Combine between 4 and 24 weeks of General or Academic English with communication studies at London College of Communication.

Antonello, Italy

We learned lots of new vocabulary around things like web design, which is what I needed for my work.

Antonello, Italy

Hours per week

Level of English required: Pre-intermediate or above. 

Course content: This option provides a mix of communication subjects suitable for portfolio preparation or general interest and enjoyment. You will be given an introduction to various areas including advertising, design, photography and filmmaking. The programme consists of practical work in the studio, group work and visits to museums and organisations.

You will use a range of techniques including computers but you will also have the chance to make images using other processes using papers, glue, collage and film processing. Learning to create work using your hands helps you to think about the possibilities of design and the skills learned can translate well to thinking about your digital work.


What is included?

  • 15 hours of General or Academic English tuition per week, Monday to Friday
  • Seven hours of communication studies over two days per week
  • Regular tutorials and reviews
  • Free Wi-Fi access across all UAL sites
  • Independent study facilities
  • Insurance
  • Certificate of attendance from the Language Centre and London College of Communication.

Are materials included?

Basic materials will be provided but you are expected to bring or buy your own stationery for note taking and sketching and your own camera for photography projects. 

How many students in a class?

For English language classes, the average number of students in a class is 10 students and the maximum is 14.
For art and design classes, the average is 12 students, and the maximum is 16.

What is the minimum age?


Do I need to have experience in the subject I want to study?

No, this course is designed as an introduction to communication studies.

Level of English required?

Pre-intermediate or above.

For more information on English levels, see the Your Language Level page.

2017 Timetable

Start Dates


3 January or

3 July

Communication Design 
Introduction to 20th Century visual 
Creating designs on paper and on
a computer
Responding to a design brief

30 January or

31 July

Storyboarding and storytelling
Sound design

27 February or

29 August 

DSLR Film-making
History and context 
Using your DSLR camera for film 
Uploading and editing your work
27 March
(two weeks)

Books Arts
Creating beautiful handmade
paper books
Using various binding and sewing
Turning your own imagery and text
into one-off books

10 April or

25 September

Advertising and Social Media
Finding and communicating your voice 
Responding to a creative brief 
Pitching your ideas

8 May or

23 October

Interactive and Digital Design
Interaction design
App Development
Moving image

5 June or

20 November

City Photography
Street photography 
Photo essays 
Editing, selecting and presenting work

2017 Dates and Fees

These courses can be booked between 4-24 weeks in four-week blocks
(except for a 2-week block starting 27 March)

Start dates:

3 January | 30 January | 27 February | 27 March* | 10 April | 8 May | 5 June | 

3 July | 31 July | 29 August | 25 September | 23 October | 20 November

2* weeks
























 *These course lengths are only possible if they include the two-week block