Prepare Your Work for UAL

Because your stay in your host University might not exactly match UAL’s course calendar, you might be required to produce some work for UAL while you are away.

Please check with the designated academic for your course if you’ll need to submit any written work while abroad.

If work is required for UAL while abroad, students will be asked to sign a document where they commit themselves to the work within the deadlines and achieve the required learning outcomes. In some courses, you will be required to keep a blog while abroad.


Check whether you will be missing introductions or lead up units to your third year Context Unit 9 (Dissertation, Live Project or Work Placement).


Please check with CCW Mobility coordinator, Jim Pearson, for up-to-date information.

A specific Erasmus Unit is in place and Fine Art students should look at Unit 7b International Exchange and PPD in the handbook for details.

Students remaining at WCA will gain the same number of credits for the same period. Unit 8 (20 credits) is the Describe, Analyse, Situate: Critical Practice for Fine Art Unit which goes through the whole academic year.  All the lectures will take place in the autumn term and end with an essay briefing session.  Exchange students write their essay while away on exchange. 

You are advised to take with your key publications necessary for your essay as these may not be available abroad. Ideally you should make your essay and research relevant to the place you are visiting.  

The course plan for Theatre School students is broadly similar, but Theatre students must consult their Pathway Leaders regarding start and end dates for exchange as well as  assessments dates and whether you need to return or can send work in to get your credits.

Public presentation. It is a requirement of the Fine Art 40 credit (Unit 7b) International Exchange and PPD unit that you will give a public presentation of your work during your exchange. This could take a number of forms (group exhibition, solo show, performance event, talk etc.) and it is up to you to decide what is most appropriate and to organise your presentation and document it.

Your plans for your presentation and its format should be discussed with your studio tutor well before you leave.


Please check with CCW Mobility coordinator, Jim Pearson, for up-to-date information.

Unit 8 Theoretical Contexts. Deadlines for essays and the thesis proposal, apply equally to students on exchange. Essays should be submitted by the 12noon deadline on specified submission dates by email to Noreen Noonan (Administrator) also CC'ing Zoe Townsend (Senior Administrator) or by recorded delivery to: Zoe Townsend, Senior Administrator (Academic Services), Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London, 16 John Islip StreetLondonSW1P 4JU.

Unit 6 and 7 Studio Practice: Contextualisation. An exchange study period neither advantages nor disadvantages a student’s progress on the course. Arrangement for submission for stage two unit assessments in the summer term will be negotiated prior to departure.


Please check with the designated academics for your course if you need to some work for LCF while abroad.


You might need to do some work related to the year-long unit “Contextual studies” while in your host university. Please contact your course leader to understand written assignments and deadlines.