Prepare Your Stay

Your host country

Find as much information as you can to prepare yourself, talk to other students and be aware of local issues. You will find very useful information on the following websites:


It is the students’ responsibility to find accommodation in the host country. If your placement provider doesn’t provide you with accommodation in one of its student residences, then be sure to make your own arrangements before you arrive.

Book a hostel or hotel for the first week, which will give you sufficient time to find an apartment or a private room for let. Then make enquiries with the host university's Housing Department or ask the International Coordinator for a list of reputable agencies that can assist you with finding accommodation.

Do not use lettings agencies that require any type of fee before they provide you with a list of local lettings or find you accommodation.


Before departure, spend as much time and effort as possible learning your host's language and start as soon as you can. Please click on link for information on UAL evening courses.

Passport and Visa

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their travel documents, including passport and visa, are in order and comply with immigration requirements of the host country.

Passport. Make sure you have a passport valid for the entirety of your planned time on exchange plus an additional six months after your planned return.

Visa. If you hold a passport outside the European Union, you should check with your Embassy for student study visa requirements.

All USA study exchanges will require you to obtain an F-1 Student Visa. For more information, visit and

Some countries (eg. USA) require students to complete a declaration of finances, which is verified before they are able to get their visa. For example, the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York requires all exchange applicants to demonstrate they have at least 13,000 US$ available to finance their stay for one semester for visa purposes.