Visas for students attending the Awards Ceremonies

If your current student visa expires before your graduation date, you may need to leave the UK and apply for a new visa to come back to attend your ceremony.

If you have a valid visa covering the date of your ceremony you should not have a problem provided you are not leaving the UK between the end of your course and the Awards Ceremony. However, if you are intending to return home during this period there is a risk that an immigration officer may not allow you to re-enter the UK using your student visa (as you will no longer have formal student status). In this situation, it will be appropriate to apply for a general visitor visa in order to attend the Awards Ceremony.

After you have registered to attend graduation, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail to the address you gave us in the “Registration: Contact Details” section of the registration form. This may be used in support of your visa application, but will only state your name and not those of your guests. Your family or other guests will also need to apply for a general visitor visa.

Visitor visas

If your family member/s or guest/s require a visa to visit the UK then they should apply for visitor visa to attend the Awards Ceremony.

Further information about general visitors is available from the UK Border Agency Visitor Visa Information website.

Questions about visa applications

If you have any questions about visa applications please contact Student Advice Service on 0207 514 6250.

Do not contact the Awards Team with visa queries as they do not deal with visas and therefore will not be able to help you.

Please note: The information provided above is only for general guidance. The requirements may vary from country to country and you should check with your local British Embassy or High Commission for exact details of the application process.

Citizens of some countries (Non-Visa Nationals) may be able to come to the UK without obtaining Entry Clearance.  Further information is available from the UK Border Agency website.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have valid visas. UAL does not accept responsibility for visa applications for students, their family or guests.