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When are the ceremonies?

The ceremonies are held between 18 and 21 July at The Royal Festival Hall. Visit Dates, Times & Ceremonies for more information.

How do I register?

If you are a current student, you will be contacted via your University email address with full details. If you have completed your degree, you will be sent a postcard with full details. Visit Registration & Gown Hire for more information

When do I register?

You need to register by Friday 6 May to ensure you are not charged an escalating late registration fee. If you register before 1 April you will entered into the Early Bird prize draw. Visit Deadlines for more information.

What happens if I fail my course?

You will be given a refund for any ticket purchases you have made and will have an opportunity to attend next year’s ceremonies providing you successfully complete your award. Visit Examination Results for more information.

I don’t want to come to graduation. How do I get my certificate?

No certificates will be issued prior to the ceremonies. You will have an opportunity to collect your certificate or we will post it to you if preferred.  Please tell us via the registration form that you are not intending to come so we don’t send you registration reminders. Visit Certificates for more information.

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What is the cost of tickets?

The cost for guest tickets is £28 per person. Please be aware of deadlines to avoid being charged late registration fees. Visit Tickets for more information.

Why is there a charge for tickets?

The guest ticket price of £28 contributes towards the cost of the university holding its graduation ceremonies. It helps to pay for the hire of the Royal Festival Hall – (a major London arts venue) and also contributes towards the cost of the post-ceremony reception where Prosecco, petit fours and light sandwiches are served to you and your guests.

You or your guests may have attended graduation ceremonies at other universities where there is no charge for tickets. In most cases this is because the ceremonies are held on campus and so there is no reason to charge for tickets. Like most universities in London, UAL is a non-campus university; therefore it is necessary to attempt to recover the cost of at least some of the venue hire and other costs of holding our graduation ceremonies at such a prestigious London venue.

You may also wonder why your tuition fees do not cover the cost of you attending your ceremony. This is because your tuition fees are used for the delivery of your course rather than non compulsory events.

How many tickets can I buy?

Due to the variations in the numbers of students, the number of guest tickets varies for each day of the ceremonies. If you purchase the maximum number of tickets, you will be entitled to apply for ‘extras’. Visit Tickets for further information.

Why do prices increase after the deadline?

The cost of guest tickets remains at £28 per ticket but should you fail to register by the deadline of 6 May, a £60 charge will be made and a further £30 if you still haven’t registered by 3 June. These charges are made in only a very small number of cases and the charge is incurred because of the significant extra work involved in managing late registrations.

Last year over 95% of students met the first deadline (this year the deadline is 6 May giving students 60 days to register before incurring late fees). Students are also reminded about impending deadlines by email and by text message so they will have received ample encouragement to register on time.

Ihave booked my tickets but I have another guest who would like to come now. What can I do?

Changes to ticket registrations are only considered in exceptional circumstances as we advise you to ensure you buy all your required allocation at the time of registration. Email quoting your student id, your ceremony and the reason for your ticket change. No changes to ticket orders can be made after Friday 3 June 2016.

One of my guests has mobility problems, what do I do?

We will always do our best to provide the best arrangement for any student or guest who has special requirements. Please make sure you let us know by completing the details when you register for your ceremony.

How do I book my gown and order photographs?

All graduates must wear an official UAL gown in order to cross the stage. You can hire or buy your gown via (search for 'University of the Arts London' and not your College name).  

You can also purchase photographs before or after the ceremony. Visit Gowns & Photography for further information.

Why do I pay for hiring a gown?

Your gown and hat are hired from Ede and Ravenscroft. You can hire it for the day or for longer if you wish. After the ceremony, your gown and hat are carefully laundered so they are ready to be reused and your gown hire includes the cost of this so your gown is clean and pressed on the day.

I have been advised to contact my School Admin Team regarding a possible outstanding liability, who should I contact?

Please email the contacts below:

How do I get to the Royal Festival Hall?

Your ceremony is held at The Southbank Centre (Royal Festival Hall) close to Waterloo Station. Visit Transport for further information.

When will I find out if I have got my extra tickets?

As exam boards continue into July, we can only confirm ticket allocations approximately one week before the ceremony. You will be sent an email with full information about the day including your final ticket allocation. Visit Tickets for further information.

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When do I get my tickets?

All tickets are collected and extra tickets will be paid for on the day (cash only). Visit Tickets for further information.

What time do I need to arrive/my guests need to arrive?

We recommend that students arrive one and a half hours before the ceremony starts and guests should arrive at least an hour before. Visit On the Day for further information.

How long does the ceremony last?

The ceremonies last between one and a half and two hours. Visit On the Day for further information.

When will I get my certificate?

If you complete your award this summer, we hope to have your certificate ready for you to collect after you cross the stage. Visit Certificates for further information.

If I decide to cancel my attendance, will I get a refund?

Providing you cancel your attendance before Friday 3 June, you will be given a refund of any ticket purchases. After this date we regret, no refunds will be given. Visit Tickets for further information.

My query is not answered in the FAQ’s, who do I contact?

Please contact the Awards Team by email. The email address is Please include your ceremony in the title of the email and ensure you include your student id, date of birth and contact phone number so we can respond to your query.

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