Ticket cost

Tickets for graduating students are free of charge as long as you register by Friday 6 May 2016. After this date you will be charged an escalating late fee, please see the Deadlines section for more information.

Tickets for family and guests cost £28 each. Due to variations in the number of students at the Colleges and faculties the number of guest tickets you can purchase also varies for each ceremony. Provided you purchase the maximum number of guaranteed guest tickets you can then apply for additional guest tickets.

Please note the additional tickets are not guaranteed and will be allocated on a first-come, first serve basis. You can apply for these tickets using the online registration form after registration opens on 7 March 2016.

Once you register, we cannot guarantee we can accept any changes to your ticket purchases/requests so please check with your family before registering for the ceremony.

Confirming your tickets

Confirmation of your final ticket allocation, including any additional tickets you have been allocated will be emailed to you with additional information about the day approximately one week before your ceremony. Extra tickets are paid for on the day of your ceremony.

The reason why we can’t confirm ‘extra’ tickets until a week before the ceremony is because exam boards continue into the first week of July. Therefore we will not know how may ‘extra’ seats are available until all exam boards are completed.

We do not advise you to make travel arrangements therefore for guests who may be part of your ‘extra’ ticket requests as these tickets are not guaranteed.


If you do not complete your qualification successfully and have purchased tickets, the money will be refunded to you from August onwards. You don’t need to contact us as we will know this is the case.

After Friday 3 June 2016, cancellations of purchased tickets will not be refunded (except for unsuccessful students as noted above).


The Royal Festival Hall requires all children two years old or above to have their own seat. In addition, all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Therefore, it is essential that any graduates who wish to bring children make arrangements for an adult to sit with the children, as graduates and guests are seated separately. We regret that that no reductions for children can be made.

As some of the ceremonies may last up to two hours, please tell us that you are bringing children when you purchase your tickets. We will try to seat your guests near to an exit so they can easily exit the ceremony should they need to.

Special requirements

If you or any of your guests have any special requirements, please let us know so we can do our best to accommodate your needs (for example, if one of your guests has mobility issues we will not seat them in the balcony). There is space on the registration form to let us know of any such requirements so please let us know when you book your tickets.

If you would like to send us any additional information regarding your requirements or you forget to tell us when you register, you can email us at

Please include your student id, your name and the ceremony you will be attending (e.g. Joseph Smith SMI0900007, LCF morning).