UAL Unit Evaluations

UAL Unit Evaluations
Ashley Williamson 2014

UAL's Unit Evaluation is an opportunity to give us your opinion of each of the units you have taken.

This lets us understand what went well and where we can make changes for the better.

How it works

Near the end of each unit on your course, you will receive an email with a link to a short survey about that unit.

Each survey will only be open for two weeks, so make sure you respond straight away. The survey is anonymous.

Unit Evaluations only take a few minutes to complete. They are accessible from your computer or mobile. 

Why should I fill in a Unit Evaluation?

By completing the Unit Evaluation, you can help UAL make positive changes to your course.

The more students that respond, the more impact your feedback has. Use this opportunity to improve your student experience and the experience for others.

What happens to my feedback?

When the survey closes, your course leader will receive your feedback. Course leaders will post a response on your course Moodle site. It is for them to highlight where they think they might be able to make positive changes based on your feedback.

How can Student Reps Help?

Student Reps play an important role in Unit Evaluations. They promote the feedback system and encourage fellow students to take part.

Course Reps will also discuss the results at your course or programme committee. This means your feedback will be key in your course’s yearly monitoring processes. 

The University will use the data to help improve the experiences of all students at UAL.