National Student Survey (NSS)

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‌‌‌Taking part in the National Student Survey gives valuable feedback about your student experience, which is then used by prospective students and the university.

Are you a final year Undergraduate?

In January you’ll be asked to fill in the National Student Survey (NSS) form online.

Then take part

We want you to tell us about your UAL experience and we’ll put £5 into the UAL Hardship Fund for every response. Once the response rate is over 80% the amount is raised to £10.

Last year students raised over £13,500 for the hardship fund. 

The NSS is an important tool for prospective students to find out what it’s like on a course. It also helps the university to make improvements in different areas of the course, making the student experience even better. Last year 72% of students said they were satisfied with the overall experience. 

What is the National Student Survey (NSS)?

The National Student Survey is an external survey, independent from the university, asking final year undergraduate students across the UK about their time at University.

It is one of the most important opportunities for you to provide feedback about your time at UAL.

It helps to improve the experience of current students, helps prospective students to choose the right course for them and it helps employers to assess the academic quality of the University.

How do I take part?

Eligible students will be emailed a link to the survey when it opens on 30th January 2017.

You can also go direct to the site and take the survey here.

Ipsos Mori, the independent research company who run the survey, will email & call students who haven't taken the survey yet. 

Who takes part?

Students across the country take part, and what they say is published online alongside the feedback from students at other UK universities.

Your feedback is anonymous, and cannot be traced back to you.

Future students use your feedback to find out what life will be like as one of our students, and we use your feedback to plan improvements at all the colleges.

The results of the survey are prominently reported in the media, because the NSS is publically recognised as an important measure of student satisfaction.


What will I be asked?

The survey asks about:

  • the teaching on my course
  • learning opportunities
  • assessment and feedback
  • academic support
  • organisation and management
  • learning resources
  • learning community
  • student voice