How to Become a Course Rep

Are you interested in becoming a Student Rep?

Student Reps help to make improvements to the experiences of students across UAL every year, helping to build strong student communities on every course.

Being a student or course rep can help you to gain a wealth of skills in leadership, time management and communication which can help to enhance your employability when you graduate.


Course Reps are elected by their fellow students. At the start of each year (usually in weeks 2-4), your Course Team will ask for nominations and this is your chance to put your name forward. There may be one rep on a small course, or a rep for each year or pathway on a larger course.

Elections are also held for Student Reps to sit on each School’s Board of Studies and each College’s Academic Committee. These reps are elected from those present at the first Student and Dean Forum each year. You can find out when yours is from the Students’ Union.

Student Reps for University committees are held at the first meeting of the Students’ Union Executive each year. You can find out more about the types of committees in the University, and the role that students play in them, on the UAL Student Committees pages.


The Students’ Union runs a training programme for all elected reps. The training includes discussion about your role, and ideas about how to prepare agenda items and participate effectively in meetings. It also covers some of the problems that you might encounter as a Student Rep, and how to deal with them. It aims to encourage students to make use of their position with maximum personal gain and satisfaction. The training for Student Reps normally lasts for a morning or an afternoon (less or more can be arranged if preferred).

Further Information

For more information about becoming a Student Rep, visit the Students' Union website.