I'M IN Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to questions you may have about the I'M IN electronic attendance monitoring system.

Why are we monitoring attendance?

Research has shown that there is a clear correlation between student engagement and attainment. We want to be able to identify students that may need help continuing with their chosen course of study and give them the help and support that they need.

This system is being implemented to support students and make sure that you are all utilizing your time here at UAL to the best of your ability.

What is I'M IN and what does it do?

I'M IN is the electronic system used at UAL to efficiently and accurately take class registers. The system allows you to use your student ID card to register your attendance by simply tapping your card on the reader at the entrance to each classroom at the beginning of your timetabled class.

When you tap your card at the classroom or studio door this will link directly to your attendance profile stored securely within the system.

All you need to do is attend your classes according to the attendance policy, that is, as often as scheduled.

If you miss a week of classes we will check in with you to see if you are okay and if you need support.

Why are we implementing this at LCC and WCA?

London College of Communication and Wimbledon College of Art have been chosen to take part in this phase of attendance monitoring due to their diversity in learning styles and courses. These colleges give us a broad spectrum to test the system and its uses.

Attendance monitoring and attendance registers will still be taken at all other colleges not using this system.

Are all classes going to be monitored?

All timetabled classes at London College of Communication and Wimbledon College of Arts will be monitored. This includes workshop and studio based classes. You should also tap in to the library at Wimbledon College of Arts.

Are other universities doing this?

Many universities are reviewing their practice for attendance monitoring – a number of policies are now published on websites.

See below for specific questions about the system and how it might affect you.

I have a Tier 4 Visa, how will this affect me?

If you have a tier 4 visa you are already under government obligation to attend your classes and have certain number of contact points. To ensure parity of experience, we will monitor all students using the same process.

What should I do if I forget my student ID card?

We know that sometimes accidents happen, and ID cards may be left at home. If this happens to you there is nothing to panic about. Should you forget your card, let your tutor know and they can manually mark you as attending for that event.

Please remember you are responsible for your student ID card and a condition of being at the college is that you have this with you at all times

What should I do if I have lost or damaged my card?

Should you lose property on the University’s premises, report this to University of the Arts London security or buildings staff as soon as possible. Equally, should you find lost property, hand it in to the front desk of your site. All lost property is recorded.

To replace your card visit the appropriate eStore to replace this as soon as possible and notify your tutor at the end of the relevant event that you were unable to register your attendance.

What should I do if I am absent?

Please check your course handbook for your course specific processes.

As a courtesy you may wish to inform your tutor or peers that you will not be attending.

You may also consider submitting an ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ request if your absence affects any submission of work.
More details about this can be found here.

If you would like to speak to the university about difficult circumstances you are experiencing please contact us. For detailed contact details, visit the Student Advice Service, Counselling, Health Advice and Chaplaincy, and Disability and Dyslexia pages.

What will happen if I am late to class?

The I’M IN system is not targeting lateness, however lateness is monitored at your tutor or lecturer’s discretion.

If you are late to your class please tap in to the class upon arrival, this will ensure you are not marked as absent.

When should I check my student email?

Emails will be sent out each Monday of term time only if your lack of attendance is identified by the I’M IN system. If you have missed several weeks of classes consecutively, this is highlighted as a cause for concern and one of our support staff will be in contact with you directly.

How will this affect my grades?

Attendance monitoring will not affect your grades, however please note that some units may highlight attendance and punctuality in the learning outcomes for the unit. 

What will happen if I do not participate in attendance monitoring?

To get the most out of your learning and to maximise the benefits of this technology all students should make a conscious effort to take part. Tapping in to the monitors is an easier and quicker way of taking a registers which would typically be done as a manual process. If you do choose not to take part then unfortunately you will move through the notification stages and be expected to provide proof of attendance or an appropriate reason for absence.

As a student at the University of the Arts London you are expected to attend all timetabled sessions, including lectures, seminars, group and individual tutorials, learning support sessions, workshops, inductions and demonstrations. Regular attendance means that you can take full advantage of the learning and teaching opportunities available to you and gain the greatest benefit from the course.

How will UAL use the information on my attendance?

The information collected will only be used by the university as per the privacy policy. The data will only be used to assist students with their learning and identify students who may require additional support.

Quantitative data may be used in the future to identify how we might better utilise our facilities and make equipment and rooms more available for students. This reporting will not use personal information.

Who will be able to see my attendance?

Relevant academics and administration staff will have access to your data, and it will only be used when the system identifies when a student has missed a week or more of learning activities. Other students and academics not relevant to your course will not have access to your information.

Where can I access my attendance profile?

You will be able to access your profile online. This profile will include your timetabled events calendar and your attendance timeline to date.

This is to allow you to take ownership of your learning and use your own judgement on where you may need to improve. This will be good practice for your career in the professional industry.

This function will be rolled out to participating students in the next phase of the system, once students have become comfortable with tapping in.

In the meantime, should you wish to see your attendance timeline please contact us for a report.

Please note you may only see your own data as per our privacy policy. If you would like to request this you must do so from your official UAL email address.

Will I need to complete a paper register?

Unless there is a technical issue before or during your class you will not need to complete paper registers. Lecturers may wish to take a paper register for their own records or for another purpose. If this is the case they will communicate this with you on the day. Registers will still be used at other colleges at the university.