How to Find Jobs

Young man hands another man a business card
Photograph by Ivan Jones

There are lots of ways to find jobs. You can use job sites, recruitment agencies, social media channels and by sending your CV to organisations.

Job sites

Jobs sites list jobs vacancies. They are usually up to date and allow you to apply for positions directly through them. Some job sites ask you to create an account and then store your CV and cover letter to make it easy to apply again/in future.

Recruitment agencies

There are many recruitment agencies specialising in creative industries, including media, fashion and digital.

  • Look at their websites and get a feel for the kind of opportunities they advertise.
  • Research which agencies would be a good match for your experience and goals.
  • Then contact them directly.
  • If you are the right fit, agencies will keep you on their books and contact you with appropriate opportunities.

Using social media to find Jobs

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram are all strong social media channels used by professional and creative industries.

Using social media can help you in your job search. Companies often tweet or Facebook about upcoming job opportunities. So follow those organisations you are interested in working for to keep up to date about job vacancies.

It is important to remember that using social media in a professional capacity means you need to present an engaging and appropriate profile.

  • Think about your profile details and make sure they communicate who you are and what kind of work you are looking for.
  • Make sure your profile picture is appropriate.
  • ‘Follow’ and ‘like’ the relevant companies and engage with them in a professional way.

Social media can also help you with long-term career goals:

  • It’s a great way to learn, network and promote yourself.
  • You can learn about industry developments.
  • Connect with people and companies you would like to work with in future on LinkedIn.
  • Promote yourself, by enhancing your LinkedIn profile with samples of work, images and links to your portfolio.

I’ve tried everything

"I've applied for dozens of jobs and have got nowhere"

Many creative organisations have tight budgets and can't afford to advertise in national press or on job sites. Make sure all your local contacts know you are looking for a job.

"I don't have any contacts in my field"

Look at company websites and people in your (social media) networks. Then contact individuals who might help you.

University tutors may be able to provide useful insider contacts in your field and will want to help you get into the industry.

"I don't have the confidence to approach people I don't know"

Think about why this is and what support you need to boost your confidence. Visit our guide to making a good impression.