Mead Scholarships & Fellowships

MEAD Scholarships and Fellowships

For UAL students & graduates in the pursuit of excellence

Quote from MEAD Fellowship awardee Iyvonne Khoo
Designer: Adam Hayes.

Iyvonne Khoo > Multimedia artist > MEAD Fellowship

Iyvonne Khoo > MEAD Fellowship
Photographer: Ivan Jones, Designer: Adam Hayes

Iyvonne Khoo > Multimedia artist > MEAD Fellowship

Medusae by Iyvonne Khoo
Medusae by Iyvonne Khoo

Iyvonne Khoo > Multimedia artist > MEAD Fellowship

Phoebe Baines > MEAD Scholarship
Photographer: Ivan Jones, Designer: Adam Hayes

Phoebe Baines > Sculptor > MEAD Scholarship

Quote from MEAD Scholarship recipient Phoebe Baines
Designer: Adam Hayes

Phoebe Baines > Sculptor > MEAD Scholarship

These scholarships and fellowships are designed to help you develop your creative practice.

Each year we award those who have demonstrated outstanding ideas in their practice so far. This can be in a wide range of creative disciplines, or in the use of creative solutions across other industries.

Mead Scholarships provide three awards of up to £2,500. These are for undergraduate students nearing the end of their penultimate year at the time of applying.

Mead Fellowships provide two awards of up to £10,000. These are for final year students (undergraduate and postgraduate) nearing completion of their degrees at the time of applying and recent graduates (up to one year after date of graduation).

The Mead Programme is managed by Careers and Employability and generously supported by philanthropist Scott Mead. Scott is a fine art photographer, philanthropist and investor based in London for over 20 years.

Who can apply

The Mead Scholarships are open to:

  • UAL BA (Hons) undergraduate students in their penultimate year.

All Mead Scholarships candidates must have completed their penultimate year by the time of undertaking the scholarship.

The Mead Fellowships are open to:

  • UAL BA/BSc (Hons) undergraduate final year students at time of application.
  • UAL MA/MSc/MRes postgraduate final year students at time of application.
  • UAL PgDip final year students at time of application.
  • PhD students, final year researchers at time of application.
  • Recent graduates. (If you graduated less than 12 months before the time of application. For example, if your graduation ceremony was on 15 July 2016, you would need to submit your application before 15 July 2017.)

All Mead Fellowships candidates must have graduated by the time they undertake the fellowship.

Applications are open to individuals irrespective of their nationality or country of residence. Please note recipients of the AHRC Scholarships are not eligible to apply, due to the terms and conditions set out by AHRC.

Key dates and application process

We will not be holding any more workshops for the Stage #1 application process. However, you may download a copy of the slides here: Mead scholarships fellowships_2017 slides from workshop for applicants stages 1-3.pdf   

If you are applying for a MEAD Scholarship or Fellowship, we strongly suggest you make a record of the schedule below, so you can keep these dates free.

Please note:
• You may only apply to ONE of the subject areas
• Applications received after the deadline will not be considered
• Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot offer individual feedback on Stage #1 applications.

The process for applying to MEAD has 3 stages:

Stage #1 applications: Deadline Wednesday 1 March (by 12:00 GMT)

If you have a project you would like us to consider, please complete this short Mead Application Form 2017 (WORD 176KB), and then submit the form via this Wufoo Submission Portal.

Between 30-40 of the Stage #1 applications will be shortlisted, with projects selected across these 10 subject areas and from UAL colleges:

• Architecture/ interiors, spaces, conservation
• Fashion, design, tailoring, production
• Fine Art, 2D, 3D, photography
• Visual comms, graphics, illustration media, journalism
• Film, TV, animation
• Product, industrial, 3D, jewellery, textiles, materials
• Theatre, design, performance, acting, directing, writing
• Research (Mres/Phd)
• Business/ management/ enterprise, MBA
• Culture Criticism Curation

Stage #2 applications: deadline Monday 24 April (by 12:00 GMT).

Shortlisted applicants from Stage #1 will be invited (by email) to submit a longer, more detailed application. (Please find guidance notes in the link here)

Full details of the Stage #2 application process will be sent to the shortlisted applicants by email, along with an invitation to attend a MEAD Applicants’ Workshop on Monday 13th March 2.30-5pm 

Stage #3: MEAD pitch on 14th June 12-5pm

About 10 of the Stage #2 applications will make it through to the final stage of the process – the MEAD pitch. These 10 or so students will be asked to give a short pitch about their project, followed by a brief Q&A session with the Panel.

The Panel will select 5 winning projects: 3 MEAD scholarships and 2 MEAD Fellowships.

Winners announced:

Winners will be announced in July 2017.