AWP Internships

Artquest, Common Practice and UAL's Widening Participation programme together offer structured internships for recent graduates. AWP Internship participants will be paid at above the London Living Wage.

Interns will work with some of the capital's most innovative and respected visual arts organisations. In return these small-scale companies are provided with extra staff to work on specific projects. Each organisation gives an overview of the project so that candidates know what they are applying for. Successful applicants will work with them part-time over 52 days to realise these projects.

Unpaid internships do not offer equal opportunities, as they are only workable for those who can afford to work for free. The AWP Internships programme aims to level the playing field. By putting UAL's Widening Participation programme graduates in paid roles the scheme ensures access to jobs in the visual arts for all.


  • A paid role, above the London Living Wage, at one of the nine Common Practice organisations.
  • Induction and orientation from the host organisation.
  • Well structured development, including a mid-term review of progress, an exit interview and evaluation.
  • A reference for future job and internship opportunities.

Who can apply?

If you are a recent graduate of University of the Arts London’s Widening Participation programme you can apply for an AWP Internship. 

Find out more

Find out more about AWP Internships on the Artquest website.