MODUAL 2 aka Collabology (April 2015) – Somerset House

Following the successful pilot in 2014 a two week ‘creative incubator’ in partnership with London-based advertising agency Mother forming a ‘pop up design studio’ with 20 UAL students.  MODUAL creator Professor Fred Deakin UAL Chair of Interactive Digital Arts, launched the next iteration of this initiative.

The workshop took place at Somerset House, London in partnership with makerspace  Makerversity in April 2015. Deakin led 20 selected UAL students through an intensive two-week programme designed to help participants better understand their skills and passions, grow their creative confidence and collaborate under pressure.

In an ambitious educational experiment, two satellite groups of students - 20 in Manchester and 20 in Falmouth - participated virtually during the entire process. Working in disparate locations and linking to the London Hub, these students will make use of cutting edge collaborative digital tools that are shaping the contemporary workplace.