Ceramic Art London

The leading fair for contemporary ceramics presented by the Craft Potters Association in partnership with Ceramic Review.

Previously hosted at Royal College Art, for the first time this year (April 2016) Ceramic Art London was held at Central Saint Martins initiated by Professor Rob Kesseler - UAL Chair of Art, Design & Science.

The festival of all things ceramic provided a unique platform for 88 emerging and established ceramicists from across the world to present and sell their latest work. 

This year the fair showcased internationally recognised ceramic artists alongside dynamic, up-and-coming makers representing countries including Germany, France, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Denmark and Spain. Exhibited works encompassed the full range of ceramic-making techniques, from traditional methods to cutting-edge contemporary processes.
A lively programme of free events were also staged on each day of the fair, curated by Central Saint Martins' Ceramic Design staff. The renowned series, entitled CLAYTALKS@CAL, the programme had an emphasis on science and technology.  

Speakers included a material scientist from the Natural History Museum, an archaeologist from the Museum of London, an engineer from Arup and architrect from Thomas Heatherwick Studio and a CSM graduate working on a project with medics at Imperial College London.  

Lost and Found 

In celebration of the staging of Ceramic Art London at CSM, Professor Rob Kesseler invited first year BA Ceramic Design students to create an installation of ceramic work for the CSM Window Gallery entitled Lost and Found .

Responding to the notion of lost and found, they collected an array of broken ceramic artefacts and pottery ornaments gleaned from charity shops, archaeological digs, discarded fragments from artists studios and their own workshop experiments, which hang in a long frieze across this window.  These colourful sherds revealed an evocative momento mori of ceramic’s rich cultural past, terracotta topographies and porcelain passports for their journeys into the world of ceramics.
Metamorphing //
To introduce clay-forming processes in the first term, students are presented with black and white images from Rob Kesseler’s collection of highly magnified pollen and seed structures. Their challenge is to interpret these mysterious forms in three dimensions using basic clay hand-building processes. These fantastical forms reveal nature’s complexity and the student’s ingenuity in extending the tradition of organic form in ceramics.  
BA Ceramic Design Stage 1 students: Anke Buchmann | Emilie Coste | Hannah Groom | Maddy Hall | Chloe Han Charlie Huang | Flora Khan | Aaron Le-Bas | Mitra Mahmoodi | Michelle Mtinsi |Harriet Nourse | Joanna Pearl | Sue Plummer | Anna Rozensteina Lewis Rushton | Jaz Stark : Nishat Tahsin | Angela Wang | Ray Wilcock | Bela Swiderska | Teresa Zhu | Cher Yin | Hannah Keaney
With thanks to: Duncan Hooson, Barnabay Barford, Kate Malone Andy Allum, Simeon Featherstone