AAC #1 A Trip to Margate

Scott King Poster design (cropped)

Twenty postgraduate students were selected to visit Margate, serving as the forerunners of the newly-formed Autonomous Arts Club (A.A.C).

The itinerary included a visit to British artist Jeremy Deller’s ‘English Magic’ at Turner Contemporary followed by Dreamland, Margate’s oldest-surviving amusement park.

Deller’s exhibition explored mysterious happenings and magical acts in British society that provided an aid to recent injustices. It showed how cultural, socio-political and economic issues joined together, adding elements of the past, present and the imagined future to it, creating a synthesis of them all.

‘We sit starving amidst our gold’ saw Deller bring to life the long-dead Victorian designer and socialist William Morris, shown as a colossus who, in an act of rage, picked up Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s 377-foot yacht which was blocking view and restricting access to the quay in Venice where it was moored.

Next up was a tour of the oldest theme park, Dreamland. Closed down for many years and in the midst of restoration and redevelopment, A.A.C argued that a re-imagined Dreamland was the ideal decision in times of digital innovations and virtual realities.