Viv Albertine

Prof. Fred Deakin, Chair of Interactive Digital Art talks to Viv Albertine (23 Jan 15)

Post-punk legend Viv Albertine studied fashion at Chelsea School of Art and after seeing the Sex Pistols' first gig formed The Flowers Of Romance with Sid Vicious, dated Mick Jones of The Clash and then joined the hugely influential all-female band The Slits, who fused punk with reggae to create a revolutionary musical and stylistic hybrid that transformed the role of women in popular music.

Her recent autobiography Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys (published by Faber) relates not only this experience but also her subsequent personal journey and her ongoing relationship with fashion, film, music and creativity.

At this event held at Central Saint Martins, she explored these themes in conversation with UAL's Professor Fred Deakin, Chair of Interactive Digital Art.