Paul McNeil

Course leader MA Contemporary Typographic Media

London College of Communication


Paul McNeil is a graphic designer specialising in typography, information and systems design. He has over 30 years’ experience working in corporate brand communications and visual identity for the UK telecommunications, government, public and charity sectors. In 1988, he established McNeil Design, a consultancy operating in long-term strategic relationships with marketing and public relations partners.

He works in the Postgraduate Design area at the London College of Communication as Course Leader of MA Contemporary Typographic Media. In 2012, he was honoured with a Student’s Union White Square Teaching Award in recognition of excellent practice in facilitating learning.

His academic research studies concern investigations into typographic systems and the use of generative methods in visual communications.

McNeil is a partner in MuirMcNeil, a collaborative venture with Hamish Muir, exploring systems approaches to design for communication. In 2010 they wrote and designed U:D/R 03, a research paper published by Unit Editions, concerning their ThreeSix parametric type design project. The publication and the typeface won two prestigious awards from The ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) in 2011. ThreeSix typefaces are published by Fontshop International.

Member International Society of Typographic Designers

Member Typographic Circle

Fellow Higher Education Academy

Research interests

Type design, typographic design, type history, typographic history, asemic writing, legibility studies, orthographic reform, computational aesthetics, generative design, conditional design, design history, design research, research methods.

Research statement

Current research concerns a publication on the history of type and typography.

This will be a definitive publication in its field, which will provide a comprehensive visual survey of the major typefaces produced since the advent of printing with moveable types to the present day.

The book will be addressed to a wide international audience, consisting of those interested in visual culture, particularly graphic design practitioners, educators, historians and design students. It will also be of specific value as a resource to professional type designers and type design students.

The Visual History of Type and Typography will focus primarily on the direct and faithful visual representation of original type specimens, supported by brief, organised, incisive and useable contextual information.

The publication’s primary function will be as a resource displaying key historical design artefacts in the clearest, most concise and most elegant way possible, rather than making use of a body of existing visual material to illustrate and substantiate a lengthly discourse. 

Emphasis is on the physical, tactile and visual. Origination, picture research, page layout and editorial strategy will therefore be approached holistically and be led by design and visual considerations.


Gillian BrownAn analysis of the visual languages, tropes and conventions of scientific graphic design.

Selected research outputs