Emeritus Professor Anne Tallentire

Emeritus Professor of Fine Art

Central Saint Martins

Research interests

Politics of location, displacement and languages of the everyday, explored through film, video, assemblage, action, installation and photography to question specific economic, geographic, social and cultural constituents of daily life.

Research statement

Nowhere else (2010), an interactive double screen projection work, involving the viewer directly in the navigation of hundreds of images, depicting random instances of the detritus of city life, informs current research. This work, employing a similar apparatus for imaging, mapping and naming, engages chance as a method of production to question space in relation to occupation and social control. Field Study 1 and Field Study 2 (2010 - 2011) focusing upon the construction of alternative histories, based on data recording the incidental propagation of plants in unlikely habitats, interrogates the significance of naming, categorisation and representation and is disseminated through various unlikely modes of contemporary systems of display.

Drawing on situationist practices such as the dérive and related performative approaches the peripatetic potential of video, exploited in work such as Drift(2002- 2010) involves the recording of actions staged as 'practices of itinerancy'. These recorded segments attempt to explore moments of disruption and fracture within familiar patterns of social practice and relate to collaborative practice with John Seth where an improvisational working method draws on a relationship between live action and the mediated image in works such as Manifesto (2002) and Dispersal (2000). The Readers a project produced on paper, for distribution, attests to the activities and interests of workers at a major art museum and Document (2010), consisting of one single photograph and one object reconciled formally to question the representation of the 'thing' and status and significance of the material of the work itself.


Current students and thesis titles

Idit NathanArt of Play in zones of conflict - the case of Israel Palestine.

Andrea MuendeleinShifting Territories and the Place of Encounter: Representations of the Stranger in Contemporary Photography.

Completed students and thesis titles

Verina Gfader, Doubling in a Practice of Animation.

Susan Morris, Technology, mimicry, automatism: an analysis of the effects of new technologies of communication, surveillance and image manipulation on recent art practice, considered in relation to theories of subjectivity and the look.

Jane Grisewood, Remapping Time: Investigating the folding and unfolding line through the creative process.

Kate Love, The Concept of Experience in the Context of Contemporary Art.

Robert Luzar, Drawing Upon Multiplicity: Body, Mark and A Trace of Thought.

Carali McCall, A Line is a Brea(d)thless Length: introducing the physical act of running as a form of drawing.

Sara Andersdotter, Choking on the madeleine: encounters and alternative approaches to memory in a contemporary art practice.

Selected research outputs

  • trailer (1998/2015)

    Seth, John and Tallentire, Anne (2015) trailer (1998/2015). [Show/Exhibition]

  • …and then, other things

    Tallentire, Anne (2011) …and then, other things. In: UAL Professorial Platform 2010-11 Series, 16 May 2011, Central Saint Martins, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, King's Cross, London N1C 4AA.

  • Field study 1

    Tallentire, Anne (2010) Field study 1. [Art/Design Item]

  • Document

    Tallentire, Anne (2010) Document. [Art/Design Item]

  • The Readers

    Tallentire, Anne (2010) The Readers. [Art/Design Item]

  • Nowhere Else

    Tallentire, Anne (2010) Nowhere Else. [Art/Design Item]

  • Telling It

    Tallentire, Anne (2006) Telling It. [Art/Design Item]

  • Arena Industriale

    Tallentire, Anne (2006) Arena Industriale. [Art/Design Item]

  • Drift

    Tallentire, Anne (2005) Drift. [Art/Design Item]

  • Manifesto

    Tallentire, Anne and Seth, John (2004) Manifesto. [Art/Design Item]