Elizabeth Peebles

Senior Lecturer BA Fine Art

Chelsea College of Arts


Elizabeth Peebles studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Prof. Gerhard Merz). Undertook a Henry Moore Fellowship in Print at the University of Humberside and a Henry Moore Residency in Fine Art at Byam Shaw.

Since 2002 Elizabeth Peebles has worked with artist Markus Eisenmann in the collaborative partnership Secondeditions. A historical-critical approach is applied to the research of the conditions of selected cultural production. The resulting digital editions challenge the hierarchy of originals. Projects extend to print, sculpture, architecture, text, film/video and sound. Work in public collections: British Museum London and Hamburger Kunsthalle.

In 2013, Secondeditions and Sturtevant co-produced the exhibition Second Reflection/Symmetrical Contents at Chelsea Space, London.

Research interests

Art as thought, praxis and empowerment, critical evaluation of historical legacies and the resulting possibilities for art.

Research statement

Art as thought and praxis: the underlying structures of art and their historical/material condition – the effects that binary abstraction and global standardization have imposed on the formation of cultural processes during the last two decades. Terms of history, mythology, memory and truth are referenced through the physical relationships between thought, material and action. This is aligned to concepts such as ‘thought as power’ (Sturtevant), ‘thought-things’ (Hannah Arendt) and the ‘objectively visible’ (Gerhard Merz).

Current projects:

  • Online platform featuring streams of Secondeditions video works.
  • Bookwork on the difference between public and private ownership, consciousness and conscience.
  • 3D print edition: Secondeditions: Jointed Doll – Joseph Hartwig and Oskar Schlemmer 1923, (2002-2014).

Selected research outputs