Elizabeth A. Wright

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

Central Saint Martins

Research interests

Sculpture, reproduction, image, apparatus and locational site based montage. Exploring the intersection between sculpture and photography through the mechanisms of photographic production.

Research statement

Wright's practice involves the making of sculptures based on everyday objects and their relationship to institutional public space. The object selection is secondary to site, where location is a priority; its reproductive dimensional criteria informs a methodology of object production. Site selection exists through an invitation to make either temporary or permanently installed artwork; a site is not chosen. The means and nature of production is dependent on the 'local,' using methods more often concerned with photographic documentary inscription; objective non-intervention.

The techniques of photographic image construction: scale, crop, focus and angle of view are applied instead to the physical dimensional site and the rendering of the object. A montage of site insertion interrupts the dominant locational identity of the original situation. Audience reception to this new spatial structure is pivotal and is dependant on the means of alignment through materiality. A parallel is also drawn between the photographic apparatus: camera, reproductive material and method of image dissemination.