Dr Athanasios Velios

Reader Member of Ligatus Research Centre

Chelsea College of Arts


Athanasios Velios is a Research Fellow at CCW. He graduated from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens with a degree in Archaeological Conservation in 1998. He has also qualification in 3D Modelling and Animation. He then moved to London to complete his PhD at the Royal College of Arts and the Imperial College. His PhD work focussed on Computer Applications to Conservation and more specifically Conservation Documentation.

In 2004 he joined UAL as a Research Assistant working for the St. Catherine's Project. He later became a Research Fellow and recently the deputy director of Ligatus. He has been a Principle Investigator and Co/Investigator in two large AHRC grants and has contributed to a number of successful research projects.

He is a member of the AHRC peer-review college, the webmaster for the International Institute for Conservation and an elected Council member of the Conservation Graduates Association in Greece.

He has supervised and examined PhD research and contributed to departmental assessments in the field of Conservation. He is a keen supporter of open source software and open distribution of knowledge.

Research interests

Conservation, semantic documentation, archiving.

Research statement

My research focuses on Conservation Documentation and Archiving. I am looking into different ways of recording and documenting objects. I work closely with Professor Nicholas Pickwoad on the documentation of binding structures. We have jointly developed a methodology for recording significant features of bindings which can assist in understanding the history of the book. I have developed an XML schema to formalise and validate these records. This has been extended into a glossary of bookbinding terms which acts both as a reference tool and as a recording survey form.

I am interested in the Semantic Web technologies and have been working with the Centre of Cultural Informatics at FORTH and a range of European partners for the development of a Thesaurus for bookbindings with the intention to produce a CIDOC based ontology for binding structures.Using the same technologies I am also working in the field of archiving with specific focus on artists' archives. I have proposed an archiving methodology called "Creative Archiving" as a way to interpret artists' ideas through their own papers. I have researched the work of the artist John Latham through analysis of his archive.I have a strong interest in the Drupal content management system as a programming platform and a web-application delivery platform.


Current students & thesis titles

Masoumeh Madanipour, Identifying Persian-Islamic Book-Binding Structures. A Detailed Survey of the Manuscripts from the Library of the Wellcome and the Astan Qods Razavi Library.

Jennifer Murray, Manuscript fragments and the bindings from which they were removed.

Stavroula Rapti, Chelating agents for removing iron corrosion products from dry composite objects of Cultural Heritage.

Completed students & thesis titles

Heather Ravenberg, A Data Model to Describe Book Conservation Treatment Activity.

Nikolas Sarris, Classification of Finishing Tools in Byzantine/Greek Bookbinding: Establishing links for manuscripts from the library of the St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, Egypt.

Selected research outputs