Visual Arts at LCF

There are multiple crossovers between current fashion design and visual art practice, which operates within an expanded field.

This research hub is broad in its remit, with the aim of supporting and generating connections between researchers engaged with practice, from both the field of fashion design, costume, curation and the visual arts.  The hub is a platform for conversations across these disciplines with the  intention of encouraging cross disciplinary research  and understanding. Central to the hub is reflection upon process, both analogue and digital, to include the hand craft, drawing and digital technologies. These include a focus on the body, dress and material. In addition, it encompasses an engagement with artefact and archives within UAL collections and beyond which form an important resource for many of the researchers involved in this hub.

The hub draws from a wide range of expertise within LCF including creative practitioners, designers and curators. Students, staff and researchers from across the University are welcome to participate.

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  • Shaza Sabbagh (awarded) 

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