Professor in Cosmetic Science

London College of Fashion

Research interests

Science & technology: cosmetic formulation, nanotechnology, performance evaluation of cosmetics, rheology, texture analysis, biotechnology.
Multidisciplinary research: skin science, psychology of perception and cultural/historical studies, applied to the study of ageing skin.


Dr Slobodanka (Danka) Tamburic is Professor in Cosmetic Science and Programme Director Science at London College of Fashion. She has a background in Pharmacy, with an MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr Tamburic has developed the first graduate course in the UK solely devoted to the cosmetic industry, BSc Cosmetic Science, in 2000. The course has now evolved into the first integrated master’s course in this specific area -MSc Cosmetic Science, which started in October 2012.

Danka is also a member of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion here at London College of Fashion.

Research statement

Her current research encompasses the following strands:

  • Exploring the efficacy of cosmetic products using skin bio-engineering methods (non-invasive in vivo testing).
  • Evaluating the internal structure of semisolid systems for cosmetic and pharmaceutical application and its effect on product efficacy.
  • Exploring the use of novel technology (e.g. nanotechnology, biotechnology) in cosmetics.
  • Using a multidisciplinary approach in the study of ageing.

Completed students & thesis titles

Mojgan Moddaresi, The use of novel technology in enhancing the efficacy of cosmetic actives of natural origin.

Madhuri Shamanna, Development of Natural Multifunctional Cosmetic Ingredients Using Biotechnological Approach.