Carla Capeto

Space dramaturgy: performance environments on interactive art

Central Saint Martins

The research is focused on the intersection between performance and interactive art installations. The main purpose is to develop a key concept, Space Dramaturgy, that will define the guidelines to investigate how responsive technologies can be applied in order to transform interactive installation into performative environments, and how interactivity, as a result of the relationship between body, space and technology, contributes to the formulation of a specific dramaturgical genre.

The investigation looks at the relationship between theory, the study of the existing practice, and the development of my practice. The key concept that I plan to develop has also functioned as the starting point for the research, which I divided into two main parts - looking at space and dramaturgy separately. The purpose of this division is to identify questions inherent to both of the main concepts: How dramaturgy can be redefined and applied in the context of this research? How to understand space as a multidimensional reality with physical and psychological properties? 

These are some of the questions that have defined the theoretical research sustained by the work of philosophers and theorist such as Bachelard, Merleau-Ponty or Mieke Ball. Moreover, the theory combined with the study of other practitioners' work will help to define the criteria for the development of my practical work and to delineate its terrain within the contemporary artistic context of interactive media arts.


James Swinson (Director of Studies), 

Fred Meller