Sława Harasymowicz

Double Exposure: Memory, Postmemory and
Autobiography as Practice

H.N.5 515, Centrala (2015).
Slawa Harasymowicz

This practice-based Fine Art PhD deals with history and postmemory in the context of the Second World War and its aftermath in Poland.

My practice-based PhD looks at personal resistance in different guises – individual and collective - in the context of the Second World War in Poland and through uncovering and retracing individual biographies and personal stories from my own family history.

Through this, and by interrogating the ways that contemporary art rearticulates historical catastrophe, postmemory and personal identity, my project aims to pose questions about the scope of autobiographic artistic practices that deal with postmemory (unconsciously inherited or consciously 'borrowed' memory of trauma experienced by earlier generations).