Sława Harasymowicz

Double Exposure: Memory, Postmemory and
Autobiography as Practice

H.N.5 515, Centrala (2015).
Slawa Harasymowicz

This practice-based Fine Art PhD deals with history and postmemory in the context of the Second World War and its aftermath in Poland.

This project tests and reflects upon contemporary visual artistic strategies dealing with issues around collective history and personal memory.

My practice-based work draws on research around Second World War events in Europe, accessed by retracing of my own family history (Polish, Ukrainian and German roots), to pose questions around history, affect, and reconstructed intimacy. Specifically, I am concerned with the themes of displacement, persecution and resistance that are part of non-Holocaust WWII in Poland.

I consider ‘the personal’ as a strategy to subvert individual, political and cultural forgetting, and test archive, as a point of departure, as a strategy and a cognitive tool to pose questions around the validity of recollection, the ambiguity of reconstruction, political representation and autobiography.