Aram Zarikian − MA Sound Arts

Aram Zarikian graduated from MA Sound Arts at London College of Communication in 2010. Since leaving he has gone on to do everything from developing soundtracks and soundscapes to teaching.

What made you want to study Sound Arts?

I had just recently moved to London with a plan to get full-time into music when I randomly stumbled upon the course and it sounded so exciting and ticked loads of boxes. So I went for the interview and started the course very soon after.

What was the best part of Sound Arts at LCC?

The best thing for me was the amazing group of people I found myself in a class together with. And of course, the environment is so inspiring as well. It was a very special experience!

Where are you from in the world? 

I am from a town in the south of Austria called Villach.

What are your fondest memories of LCC?

The amazing times we spent during our course. Our class even met outside the scheduled times to experiment with sound and put an ensemble together. It was so inspiring!

What are you working at the moment? 

Wow, ok. This week I am working on finalising the soundtrack/soundscape for an artist called Emma Critchley; also rehearsing with a band called Grasscut for the coming release of the new album. I'm teaching Music Technology, Creative Technology Applications and Software Environments at Bimm College London; also teaching drums in a primary school.
I will play a Radio 2 session with Andreya Triana and finalise a live mix of one of her concerts. I also have a presentation with Condiment Junkie, a company specialising in sound and multisensorial product development and will record some drums for an LA-based project. Oh yeah, and I am starting to prep for a live performance with a Sound Art Colleague from NY. I think that is kind of what’s happening at the moment…

What is your favourite sound?

I think at the moment my favourite sound is the almost non-sound at night in my hometown Villach. It is the kind of silence that is hard to find these days.

Name three things you couldn't be creative without: 

All the amazing people and opportunities I encountered up until this point in my life, a space that allows me to be creative in and living in London as well as travelling a lot.

If you could collaborate creatively with anybody in the world who would it be? 

Ok, that is a hard one actually. I feel that for now there are a lot of new opportunities and challenges coming towards me all the time. I guess whoever is around the corner next is the one…

Tell us about your future plans and ambitions:

I think that also ties in with the last answer. My life has been so wonderful and unpredictable the last decade and I am so incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love to do, take challenges and am able to survive. Not a lot of people can say that I guess. So, keep it coming!

What drives you to succeed?

I am always trying to do everything I do as good as I can. For me, it is all about balance to make that happen. If one works on ten things at the same time and manages to keep the energy and quality up that is cool. But really one needs to know when to take breaks too. We are working creatively. And we are not machines.

What three words would you use to best describe LCC?

buzzing / safespace / international

What piece of advice would you give to new students? 

Two things: make the most of the time you have in this institution. It is a safe environment, you have all the time to focus on what you want to do, there are amazing facilities which are hard to find and expensive in the 'real world'.

And secondly, make connections with your peers, start collaborating and getting inspired! Those are the people you might work with all your life. Make sure you make the absolute most of this very special moment in your time.

Where in London do you go when you need a little inspiration? 

Of course, there is Elephant and Castle; what a very versatile and inspiring place right there. But there are loads of museums and events for free. Seriously, you will find every-and-anything in London. This is the place to be. You may be into fine arts, or street art or opera or punk or live sound installations or a rave...I mean it is endless and new venues pop up daily it seems. If you are lucky you will find yourself exploring this city with your peers. That's the best!