Claire Alexis– MA Interaction Design Communication

Photograph Claire Alexis, alumni of MA Interaction Design Communication
Image © Claire Alexis

Claire Alexis graduated from MA Interaction Design Communication at London College of Communication in 2017.

Where did you come from? 

I was studying Visual Communication in the South of France. 

Why did you choose Interaction Design Communication (IDC)? 

I wanted to stop constantly jumping in on projects at the end, to design the package. The course seemed to provide space to really think about how design can contribute from the get-go, by identifying the pain points and developing mindful solutions using technology. 

What was your first impression? 

I realised that my understanding of design was incredibly reductive. My classmates came from around the world, each with their own design practice, and the course promised to engage us in very diverse topics, many of which I'd never had the chance to consider.

So I was in a state of mind somewhere between bewilderment and curiosity. 

What’s your favourite thing about IDC and London College of Communication (LCC)? 

The Design lectures! It’s amazing to see the variety of design practices out there. I particularly enjoyed a lecture series curated by postgraduate staff called Something or Other, which presented professional work and research alongside similarly themed student projects. 

What is an interesting project or event you took part in on IDC? 

I engaged in live action roleplaying which was something completely foreign to me. I was designing a device that would generate soundscapes through movement for a group of people I knew nothing of, so I thought immersion was a worthy first step.

I then got to develop the project with insights from several people including a student in sound design and an alumnus now working at IBM. 

What advice would you give to prospective students? 

Be open minded. Be courageous enough to dive into complex subjects that you're not an expert in. 

What are you doing now? 

During the year I'd started looking at the politics embedded in architecture, but at the time the research didn’t amount to anything tangible. I have fresh ideas, so I decided to pick the project up again. Meanwhile I am freelancing in graphic design. 

What does the future of design look like? 

Machine learning presents fantastic possibilities for observing and influencing behaviours and developing generative design. Smart systems could provide valuable insight into large-scale problems, providing we expose and address inbuilt systemic inequalities.

I think the future of design is all about ethics. Designers need to make sure that we're thinking long-term and fighting to keep our biases in check by, for example, orchestrating close interdisciplinary collaboration, visualising data or open sourcing tools. 


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