Edwin Matthews – BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design

Edwin Matthews came from a musical family and went on to study BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design at London College of Communication. He graduated in 2009 and for the last two years he has been working as Sound Supervisor for Channel 5.

What made you pick Sound Arts at LCC?

My dad is a pianist and his love for music has influenced me greatly throughout my life. I originally intended to move into photography after my foundation art and design course so after dabbling in film, sound recording and musical composition for some projects my mind was swayed.

I was told to check out the Sound Arts and Design course and it sounded perfect. I was interested in the options available to me and felt that audiovisual would allow me to open my creativity more. I've never looked back and absolutely love what I do.

Alumni profile for Edwin Matthews BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design. Edwin is a Sound Supervisor for Channel 5
Edwin worked on Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One Commercial) - Directed by Mike Sumpter

This was the second time I had gone to University. The first time I quit 6 months in as I didn't enjoy the course, the university or my fellow students. At LCC I felt right at home. I'll never forget my year doing Foundation Art & Design, it was probably the best. It built my confidence through critique and showed me how to look at briefs from different angles and to be adventurous...not to be afraid to try new things. 

I think it's quite hard to find tutors who really guide you and influence you as much as the tutors I had during my time at LCC. Other than that, I think I had an amazing class with like-minded individuals whom I'm still very close friends with.

What are you working on at the moment?  

I've been Sound Supervisor for Channel 5 for about two and a half years, with my roles developing all the time. As well as maintaining a full-time job I try to keep busy and take on freelance work when possible. I've begun post-production on a comedy/horror feature, which should keep me busy for the next four months.

Edwin Matthews BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design, LCC
Edwin worked on Godless Nights, directed by Ian Roderick Gray

What excites you about Sound Arts?

What excites me about sound arts is listening. It's probably one of the advantages of the course is being taught how to listen. I love explaining to people theories about sound and sound for film and then having them come back a month later and tell me how it's changed how they listen.

Name three things you couldn't be creative without: 

I couldn't be creative without my sound recorder, my ears and a lot of coffee. I like to work at night!

If you could collaborate creatively with anybody in the world who would it be?

I'd love to work with another UAL alumnus actually, Joe Wright. I love his work and how he directs. His use of colour and the way he understands and uses sound is next level.

Tell us about your future plans and ambitions:

I hope to be able to just continue where I am and continue to improve. I still feel I'm learning and with every production I work on I become better and better.

Alumni profile for Edwin Matthews BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design, LCC. Edwin is a Sound Supervisor for Channel 5
Edwin worked on Ghost in the Machine, directed by Oliver Krimpas


What drives you to succeed? 

I'm not looking for any specific success, what I do makes me very happy. I lose track of time in some instances and don't realise I'm still at work at 11pm. I feel very lucky. I just hope to do more of it and at some point in the future work on some big projects.

What three words would you use to best describe LCC?

One of my three words would be collaborative as you get to collaborate with so many different departments. You get tons of opportunities considering you're in the centre of London and you're in a very diverse area surrounded and by the weird and wonderful!

Alumni profile for Edwin Thomas, BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design, LCC
Edwin worked on Life Sentence, directed by Ray Panthaki


What piece of advice would you give to new students? 

Find some work is my advice! Even if it's free. Meet people and work on stuff. You learn so much more on the job and I was doing work on the side and on my days off from Uni, if you can't find work, try and get in to shadow someone!

Where in London do you go when you need a little inspiration? 

I love the Tate Modern for inspiration, especially their audio plinths. If I'm stuck with audio for work sometimes the best thing is to just to go for a walk. I do this a lot, I love London! Alternatively just get away from the computer and record some physical sounds or foley.


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