Ian Gustav Ahlberg – BA (Hons) Public Relations

Ian Gustav Ahlberg is a public relations practitioner who graduated from the BA (Hons) Public Relations course at London College of Communication in 2016.

Originally from Tallinn, Estonia, we caught up with Ian to find out about why he chose LCC, his favourite bits of London, and how his course helped him to gain the skills and experience he needs to work in PR.

Hi Ian! Why did you choose to study this course and why LCC?

I’m from a very small country, so I knew I wanted to get out and see a bit more of the world. I knew I wanted to study PR because it offers you so many different fields to go into – you can do PR in any sector, for any size company. I came to LCC because it’s the best school to study PR this side of the Atlantic.

Where are you currently working and how did the course help you to get there?

Having recently graduated from my course, I’m currently working with the LCC Communications team – writing for the blog and producing a range of digital content. I loved writing about a recent graduate, Alex May Hughes – she works with glass and precious metals to create beautiful signage.

I would never have gotten my current job as a PR assistant without graduating from here. My course has given me the confidence and know-how to think outside of the box and on my feet.

If you could work with any client in the world, who would it be and what would you want to work on?

I would want to work in the Apple PR team, working on their environmental policies. On the weekends, I’d volunteer as a PR practitioner at Stonewall.

What piece of advice would you give to new students?

This is such a cliché, but really, do as many things as you can. UAL provides us with so many safety nets – failure is encouraged as a part of the learning process.

Sign up to every club and society, and become a course rep. Not only do all the extracurricular activities look good on your CV, they give you the confidence to push the boundaries in your practice.

Where in London would you recommend people go when they're in need of a little inspiration?

Go on to the Tube, and just ride the train. Look at how every station has different people coming and going. Get a feel for the flow of the people. Listen in on conversations. Look at people’s shoes. Get off, change to another train and repeat.