Jeff Hahn – BA (Hons) Photography

Jeff Hahn studied BA (Hons) Photography at London College of Communication and is now working as a freelance fashion photographer.

What did you study at LCC and what year did you graduate?

I did a Media Foundation and then the BA (Hons) Photography course, graduating in 2012.

What made you choose that particular course?

I’ve always been interested in fashion photography and knew I wanted to do that after the course, but thought it would be interesting to do a more fine-art photography based course. I think it was a nice training, to question why you are doing what you are doing, and to bring that mindset into fashion photography.

Where are you from in the world?

Anywhere and Everywhere.

What are you working on/where are you working at the moment?

I work freelance so every week is really different. Most days I’m at home working on my computer (retouching, emails, production), but if I’m shooting it might be at a studio, in a hair salon, converted chapel, rooftops, abandoned buildings, wherever fits the brief. This year I also got to shoot in Italy and Hong Kong which was nice.

It’s mostly fashion I’m doing right now. Recently I’ve shot editorials/advertorials for Dazed & Confused, ELLE, i-D, Hero, Tank and Wonderland, and also commercial work for designers and brands like ASOS, Carharrt, House of Fraser, River Island, Sony and Versace. It’s always different and I think I need that, it helps things stay fresh. I get bored with the monotony of life…

Talk about the approaches, techniques and tools, you use in your work.

Every shoot is different… sometimes I spend a month researching and storyboarding and building a concept, and other times I just turn up and shoot and might never see the images again. Most of the time I shoot digitally, but when I do editorial work I play with medium format, large format, polaroids, 35mm, playing with scans, etc. Sometimes I use only natural light and other times I shoot purely in the studio or mix the two. Whatever feels appropriate for the job.

Name three things you couldn't be creative without.

Music, Tumblr, Mamiya RB67.

Tell us about your future plans and ambitions:

My future plans mostly involve self-improvement. It’s so hard to make sense, or to come to terms with shooting fashion. It can be so lifeless, soulless and uninspiring at times but I’ve seen so many great photographers do wonderful things with it. I want to focus on really finding my niche and my approach to it, and exploiting it. I think the rest will happen on it’s own.

I’d also like to do a second book hopefully to be released in the summer next year, focusing on my own personal portraiture. It’s easy to get carried away doing commercial work for clients and forgetting to satisfy what really makes you tick.

What three words would you use to best describe LCC?

Anything Is Possible

Have you been back to LCC since graduating, and for what reason? 

I’ve been back to see the degree show this year, and also sometimes to see Borg in the digital suite. We all love Borg!

What’s the best exhibition you’ve seen recently?

I quite liked the Home Truths show at The Photographers Gallery, there were some great images in there that are really relevant for the project I’m working on right now. I was also at the New York Art Book Fair which is quite incredible (not really an exhibition).

What piece of advice would you give to new students?

Make good use of your time, you’ll never be prepared enough for the real world!

Where in London do you go when you need a little inspiration?

I just get on my bicycle and cycle any direction…you’re always bound to find something new.


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