Morgana Edwards – BA (Hons) Journalism

Morgana Edwards talks about her dream creative collaborator, being infatuated with London and why new students should get stuck in.

What did you study at LCC and what year did you graduate?

I studied BA (Hons) Journalism at London College of Communication and graduated in 2013.

Name three things you couldn't be creative without.

My best friends, good lighting and peanut butter.

Tell us about your future plans and ambitions

Although I studied journalism, LCC is brilliant at being adaptable. My time there was whatever I made it meaning my future feels very much like it is in my hands. I love writing and combining this with community arts projects is something I am keen to look into. My dream creative collaborator is my little sister who is an actress so I would love to work with her on community theatre projects in the future. To be honest, I don’t mind what I am doing as long as I get to carry on writing!

What did you enjoy most about your time at LCC?

I think I enjoyed the attitude LCC instilled in me both personally and professionally. The great thing about the College is that your time there is whatever you make of it. I was allowed a lot of freedom and that really helped me develop both as an individual and creatively. I also made some wicked friends. So thanks LCC, I had a blast!

What piece of advice would you give to new students?

Don't let uni pass you by. Get stuck in! Involve yourself in everything you can. Don't be afraid to try things and get them wrong. Also, ask loads of questions. You will be knackered and look about 10 years older when you graduate but, trust me, it's so worth it.

Where in London do you go when you need a little inspiration?

Anywhere in London is inspirational as I am so infatuated with the city. I do have a few fail safe spots though. Sitting on my window sill in Camberwell drinking hot milk with my housemate, pen in hand is a favourite at the moment. Richmond Park also never fails to kick my brain in to gear. And finally, obviously, Elephant and Castle shopping centre, but really that goes without saying.


Morgana worked with the Communications Department to cover the 2012 Summer Undergraduate Shows. Read her stories on the LCC Blog.