Charlie Hocking - BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media

Alumni Charlie Hocking graduate of BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media at LCC.
Logo design, print graphics and packaging for a new set of Samsung and iPhone cases.
Charlie Hocking

Charlie Hocking opted for the Illustration pathway from BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication and graduated in 2010. He takes inspiration from the people around him and is just about to embark on a career with DesignStudio.

Where are you from in the world? 

I grew up near Falmouth in Cornwall.

What are your fondest memories of LCC?

I really enjoyed my final year at LCC. We had a very friendly and closely-knit class and we regularly put on exhibitions, went on trips and socialised. I loved coming into LCC, bumping into friends and spending the day working with them. Everyone was making exciting work and it helped push me to make my work better.

Alumni Charlie Hocking studied BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media at LCC.
Logo and branding for UAL's Creative Enterprise Week 2013.
Image © Charlie Hocking

Tell us about your future plans and ambitions:

I’m about to start a new job with DesignStudio, so I’m looking forward to seeing where that takes me. I’ve been a fan of their work for some time so I’m thrilled to be joining them. 

What drives you to succeed?

I’m lucky enough to have grown up with a group of friends who have all gone on to make a success of their creativity. Coupled with the friends that I met at LCC means that I am constantly surrounded by people who inspire me and drive me to make better work.

Alumni Charlie Hocking studied BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media at LCC.
AW12 Lookbook, poster and invite for British menswear label TdlM.
Image  Adam Laycock

What piece of advice would you give to new students? 

Make sure to use all the facilities that the college has to offer. You’ll certainly miss them when you’re no longer there. Also, try and work at the campus as much as possible. It’s helpful to have others around you that can help inspire and encourage you. Finally, don’t forget to have fun. We all spent a lot of time in the SU bar…

Where in London do you go when you need a little inspiration? 

There are some amazing bookshops and galleries in London. It’s always helpful to do your research and go and explore those places. You never know what you’re going to find.

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