Latisha Berker-Boyd – BA (Hons) Media and Cultural Studies

Image of Latisha Berker-Boyd in front of the canal.

Latisha Berker-Boyd is a Search Engine Optimisation Executive who graduated from BA (Hons) Media and Cultural Studies (now BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Cultures) at London College of Communication in 2015.

Here we catch up with her about her time at LCC, her work and her advice for current students...

What did you study at LCC and what year did you graduate?

I studied BA (Hons) Media and Cultural Studies (which is now called BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Cultures) and graduated in 2015.

Why did you choose to study this course?

I wanted to watch the things I like, read what I wanted to write, play around with interactive media, and also be able to write about all of these experiences.

What are your fondest memories of LCC?

I have many fond memories of my time at LCC. Studying there had a big impact on my life and my mind-set. I ran for and was elected as Vice President of the Student Union, I fell deeply in love with my studies, and I made lifelong friends. I saw my fellow students blossom over three years, and I grew with them. We shared an experience that I will always yearn to go back to.

What are you working at the moment?

I am a Search Engine Optimisation executive – helping websites rank higher on Google – for Avenue Digital. I’m currently working with two amazing charities and will be supporting one of them through a re-brand.

What skills and working styles learned on your course have been useful in your profession?

My course taught me three core things: creative thinking, self-confidence, and writing skills.

Name three things you couldn't be creative without:

A day job which brings out the best in me and works me hard; sadness; love.

If you could work with any client in the world, who would it be and what would you want to design?

My ambition is to work with a video games company – helping storyboard, manage or script video games.

What drives you to succeed?

The fear that I will end up struggling and not being able to pay the bills! That, and being able to buy video games, spoil those closest to me, and having a positive impact on the world around me.

What three words would you use to best describe LCC?

Hectic; Chaotic; Serene.

What’s your best memory of your time here at LCC?

I don’t know what my best memory was, but my saddest was walking out the doors after my last lecture.

What piece of advice would you give to new students thinking about studying your course or at LCC in general?

Breathe in the years you are here. Save now to do a postgraduate course. Go to as many lessons as possible. Write your bibliography in a Word document as you go, and write your quotes in a separate one… There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of losing your way in an essay, going to your quote log, and pulling one out to make yourself sound like a genius!

Where in London do you go when you need a little inspiration?

To see my best friend who works in FreeState coffee house in Holborn.