Selina Chen

Selina Chen is Senior Lecturer at the London College of Communication where she teaches on the Graduate Diploma in Photography and also leads the Academic Enhancement Model across the College, which facilitates the enhancement of teaching and learning experience within courses.

Selina is a photographer, arts teacher, trainer and consultant within the arts, public policy, and the charity and social enterprise sectors.

Having first graduated with a doctorate in politics from Oxford University, Selina enjoyed a long career in academia, think tanks, the voluntary sector and the UK Civil Service before she decided to pursue her passion for photography professionally. In 2012 she decided to study photography full time at LCC to become a professional photographer and was invited back to teach in 2015. Her current practice has both commercial and fine art dimensions and her current projects are about issues of adoptive place and identity.

Selina’s current teaching role encompasses the introduction of students to the historical, contextual background of photography and the coaching and mentoring of photographers and visual artists of different ages and nationalities. Instilling confidence and the ability to independent develop in their exploration of the visual as a form of self-expression and as a way of understanding the world is an aspect of her work that she finds particularly rewarding.

Selina has also contributed to the business curriculum of the course which aims to helps students think about employability and the sustainability of their practice, exposing them to different pathways within the industry, challenging them to become entrepreneurial and to be prepared to start up their own businesses and seek collaborations.