Dr. Steven McDermott

Dr Steven McDermott is a researcher and educator, and a Lecturer for BA (Hons) Media Communications and MA Advertising at London College of Communication.

Steven lectures on contemporary developments in media and communications with an emphasis on the social understanding and analysis of digital media; social media platforms and the public sphere; the politics and philosophy of digital media; and media and communications research methodologies.

Steven previously lectured on public relations, persuasion and propaganda, political campaign strategies, and communication and global change at the University of Leeds and Sheffield Hallam University.

Steven was awarded a Research Student Scholarship in order to study for a PhD in Communications Studies (Leeds). Steven also has a BA (Joint Hons) in Philosophy and Sociology (Queens, Belfast), an MA in Philosophy and Social Theory (Warwick), and an MRes in Social Research (Aberdeen).

Prior to joining LCC, Steven was at Leeds Institute of Health Sciences as a research assistant within the Academic Unit of Primary Care. Before that he held two other posts at the University of Leeds – as a teaching assistant and research assistant on the 'Leeds Media Ecology Project' and on the 'Socialisation of Sexually Explicit Imagery: Challenges to Regulation and on the Research, Porn Cultures and Policy Network'. 

Steven was commissioned as an independent consultant on The Sexualisation of Young People Report for the Violent Crimes Unit within the UK Home Office. 

He has also lectured on sociology, research methods and methodology in colleges in Singapore, where he also started an online political blog that championed human rights and privacy of speech.

His research explores the socio-political dimensions of the internet and other technologies using social network analysis, semantic network analysis, and critical discourse analysis. It is an interdisciplinary approach to studying contemporary society, politics and policies with a number of different streams running concurrently – combining sociology, communication theory, political theory, social network analysis, semantic network analysis, visualisations, network ethnography and linguistic analysis of large data sets.



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