Robert Urquhart

Image of Robert Urquhart

Robert Urquhart is an editor-at-large, copywriter and strategic consultant, and a Lecturer on BA (Hons) Design Management and Cultures at London College of Communication.

Robert studied fine art before moving in to sound design, producing sound effects for animations on Channel 4 Learning.

Robert then went on to curate an art gallery and hosted music events. From there he moved into large-scale music festival production, as well as research and development for a technology start-up in London.

In 2005, Robert started writing for design magazines and working in viral advertising as a copywriter. Bringing skills in production and knowledge of design together, in 2010 Robert worked for the London Design Festival heading up the new online vision.

Since then Robert has travelled a lot, lectured, written as a freelance journalist and futurist for many of the world's leading design press, worked as a copywriter and, latterly, as a strategic consultant working with product designers and architects.

At the moment Robert is editor-at-large for Elephant Magazine, writing for and working on a new online archival product.