Online Short Courses

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Course Delivery

London College of Communication’s online short courses are delivered over the University of the Arts London’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Our VLE includes some of the most user friendly and feature rich platforms and tools customised for online courses in art, design, fashion and media.

Our Online Short Courses are a blend of live classes in an online classroom and additional learning resources hosted on a learning management system that as an enrolled student, you can access at your convenience.

The online classroom involves tutors delivering interactive lectures over video supported by an electronic whiteboard. You can interact with the tutors and other students by video, talking, messaging and sharing content. The tutors will typically give assignments at the end of every class to be reviewed by tutors at the start of the next class.

Additional learning resources like videos, research, industry case studies, etc. support your learning and development. You will also have access to recordings of classroom sessions in case you missed one or would like to watch it again.

Students can access all content over a PC, Mac, mobile devices like tablets and smartphones (iPhone and Android phones). 

Tools and platforms

London College of Communication uses a portfolio of tools, some of which are specifically customised for teaching art, design, fashion and media courses. 

Blackboard Collaborate® is a licensed “online classroom” used as a collaboration platform providing web conferencing, mobile collaboration, instant messaging, voice authoring and seamless integrations across different tools. 

This online classroom is where the tutor will deliver interactive lectures over video, supported by an electronic whiteboard. You will be able to interact with the tutors and other students by video, talking and messaging.

Workflow is UAL’s customised version of the Mahara electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) tool. An e-portfolio is a digital collection of artefacts that can be used by students and staff to demonstrate/document learning and development, and share this with various audiences.

Workflow is available to you before and after your classes to support your learning and development. Workflow will contain additional learning resources such as videos, research, industry case studies and news feeds. Recordings of the classroom sessions will be available in Workflow in case you missed one or would like to watch one again. Workflow is also a space for you to upload your homework assignments and communicate with other students between classes. 

Course Length

The length of each online course varies, typically courses are 6 - 8 weeks long, studying one session per week. Session lengths depends on the course, typically sessions run for 1 to 2.5 hours. Please refer to “Details for booking” section in the course of your interest; the exact duration of each class will be listed there.

The tutors will typically give assignments at the end of every class, to be reviewed by tutors at the start of the next class. Please allow time to complete your homework assignment outside of class time.

Additionally, you should allow 15-30 minutes before and after the live class to make sure that all your equipment is set and working correctly.

Equipment and software

In addition to the materials list specific to the course you choose, you will need a few materials to get connected: 

  1. A microphone and a pair of headphones- smart phone headphones with built in microphone work perfectly. A webcam is not essential, but will enhance your experience
  2. The latest version of Java on your Mac or PC (Smart phones and tablets can be used, but have some restrictions during the live classes)
  3. A recently updated browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer
  4. A good broadband connection is essential (if you are using a mobile device please ensure you are using a Wi-Fi connection and are not relying on data services)

To find out more about how online short courses work, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.