Demystifying Digital

The creative industries are booming - and an understanding of digital for advertising and marketing, journalism, publishing and design has never been more important.

But what if you started out in the pre-digital era when a successful story was measured in print runs and advertising was something that happened on the telly?

These courses have been specifically created for you if you are a creative professional who wants to: broaden your knowledge of the digital economy, enhance your digital vocabulary or enable you to work on digital projects with confidence

Who are they for?

These courses have been designed for people who have some industry experience and want to know more about digital trends, technology and business.   

You may be:

  • In a senior position and responsible for recruiting new staff and managing a digital projects budget
  • A project manager or coordinator working with developers and digital designers
  • Returning to work after a break for parental leave or other reasons
  • A freelancer seeking opportunities and networks

Course Content

Drawing on our communications expertise each course is led by a subject specialist and will cover:

  • Current industry trends
  • Sector-specific technology
  • Job roles and responsibilities
  • Monetisation and business models
  • Futurising

These are not technical courses but you will have the chance to take part in workshops including data visualisation, user experience, SEO and HTML.

If you aren’t sure whether these courses are for you, please contact us.

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