Film and TV Training

At LCC, we are able to create customised training in our broadcast TV studio that simulates as-live production of high quality TV studio programme in just one day.

A TV Programme in a Day: The TV studio for team building

Ideal for teams or groups looking for a fun and exciting workshop that will teach you skills in leadership, people management, project-management, collaboration, planning, risk assessment, the management of resources, problem solving and (above all) communication. You will need creativity, imagination and an awareness of the needs and expectations of your target audience.

In all those respects, this workshop mirrors the core demands of any business activity, but it takes place in a high-pressure environment where decisions are made quickly - and their outcomes are instantly apparent. Most crucially, it calls for a very high degree of team working and team leadership, and is an ideal environment for you to study the dynamics of team operations.

Overview of TV studio

The day begins with an overview of the workings of a TV studio, an introduction to the technical staff who will support your work, and a discussion of the roles and responsibilities of the production team. With close guidance, you will place the main components of the production process in order, with a particular emphasis on the identification of:

  • Dependencies
  • Reporting stages
  • Identification of risks and the means of managing them
  • Devolution, parallel and whole-team working
  • Evaluation of creative inputs

These processes will lead to an outline script for your 15 minute programme. You will hold guided technical briefings with the studio crew (camera, lighting, sound, set) and, with their inputs and those of your tutor will develop a full camera script.

Rehearsal Stage

The rehearsal stage is an iterative process in which any flaws or weaknesses in your programme design are ruthlessly revealed. You respond to this feedback through revisions of your script, making careful judgements about the cost and value of your original ideas and the feasibility and costs of (even radical) change.

At a pre-specified time you will be asked to ‘go live’ with your show. You will have been aware of this deadline all day and you are only allowed to over-run or under-run by no more than 5 seconds.

Production Stage 

It is a truism of TV production that any flaw or weakness in the production process will be expressed in the programme, and that is particularly so when a production team has not worked, or been led, as a coherent body, completely clear at all times about the nature and meaning of the final programme, with all players devoted constantly to fulfilling a clear and coherent vision.

A production team is the archetypal team, in which everyone must know, understand and buy into their specific role, and be completely clear about their contribution to the finished product. As you would expect, communication is the key to this, and your post-production analysis will focus particularly on the effective - and any less-effective - aspects of that. It will also look in some depth at the management of creativity and creative inputs, and ask how, in any complex project, creativity can be both stimulated and channelled to best effect. In every aspect of the performance analysis, a central question will be returned to: the audience for your programme is the same as any other market for a product or service; how has your operation as a team taken account of their requirements, in terms both of concept and process?

Course Tutor

The course has been devised by Dr David Hoyle. David read English at Oxford, and has a PhD in English. He joined the BBC to make educational television programmes, and was highly involved in training others in the effective uses of the TV studio. He then joined Channel 4 to commission educational programming, and was then Head of Commissioning for The University for Industry. He has taught TV studio production at three universities, and devised BA and MA courses in Television. He now runs the MA Television course at LCC, with a particular emphasis on the business and management aspects of programme making.

Case Studies 

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