Creativity and Innovation

London College of Communication has 5,000 of the freshest creative minds. You can work with them to bring innovation to your business.

LCC students will challenge you to think differently. They aren’t scared to say what they think, or to champion an idea that everyone else thinks shouldn’t work. They’ll look at the same things you’re looking at, but use their imagination and curiosity to see something different.

Our creativity and innovation work with businesses has no set format. We’ll create something that works best for you.

This could be a one day workshop where students and your people work together to come up with ideas, crit these ideas, cull the bad one and work up the good ones. Or we can work over a week or a month, building on ideas over time and testing them in the real world. We can work in a flexible way that suits your business and needs.

Creativity and innovation with LCC means no complicated methodology and no jargon. It means unique exposure to creative young people, and just enough structure to get you the results you need.

LCC students take risks and break rules. And this will be infectious – inspiring your people to be more creative too.

To explore the options available, get in touch.

Case Study

BA (Hons) Games Design students took part in a Game Jam with industry mentors in Spring 2015.