National Grid – visualising complex systems

National Grid asked LCC students to take on the challenge of visually explaining the complexities of how energy is generated, transported, bought and sold, and consumed.

Students responded by exploring everything that National Grid does and highlighting the processes that are the most important. These ideas where then represented visually in an infographic.

Caroline Hooley, National Grid’s Corporate Responsibility and Sponsorships Manager said that by working with fresh, young student minds National Grid was "able to use a completely different approach to our usual communication."

She added: "The detailed independent research by the students in to the drivers behind the project we set them was an unexpected benefit from the work, and I was pleased that the issue of sustainability was an important part of every student submission."

The chosen infographic by BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design student, Sam Morley, uses moving image to show the role National Grid plays in everyone’s lives.

National Grid infographic, Sam Morley – BA (Hons) Graphic Media Design
Sam Morley

Infographic by Sam Morley - watch the film