Work with our Students

Our students are designers, makers and innovators. They provide the next generation of ideas for brands and businesses.

LCC Business & Innovation creates bespoke student projects tailored to individual business needs, guided by design and media tutors with a wealth of industry experience.

Projects can develop a variety of new concepts or a single fully formed product. They are cross channel or single discipline. Our students are early adopters working with cutting edge technology but with a wealth of handmade craft talent. The range of students and disciplines at LCC means we can find the solution for your brand.

The final result of an LCC partnership extends beyond the design or campaign itself. We are dedicated to the process as well as the outcomes, which is why we aim to cultivate a rich story from your experience and the relationship you will build with London’s top, young talent.

  • Photograph: Image of cool box with food created by LCC students working in collaboration with Intel.

    Sponsored Creative Projects

    Work with our students to deliver unique projects to suit your team and business needs.

  • Photograph: Two LCC students pictured with the work they created in collaboration with Ladybird.
    Image by Lewis Bush

    Recruit Recent Graduates

    Talent Scout connects leading organisations, brands and companies with graduates from London College of Communication.

  • Photograph: C is for Colour. A student's work in collaboration with Ladybird.

    Content Creation

    LCC is a centre of content creation. Our students make films, create images, design infographics, find stories and tell them in innovative and exciting ways.

  • Image: Ecofurby developed by LCC students in collaboration with Intel.

    Case Studies

    Discover some of the ideas developed by our students in collaboration with businesses.