Green Week

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Image © Lewis Bush
LCC Green Week 2014, London College of Communication, LCC
Green Week at London College of Communication, 9 - 13 February 2015
Credits from left to right – Top: Fossil Free UK; David Buckland of Cape Farewell; Professor Lucy Orta, UAL Chair of Art in the Environment; Tara Hanrahan and Jihye Lee; Johanna Schmeer. Bottom: Daniel Raven-Ellison of Reimagine London; Darryl Edwards, photographer Lewis Bush; Blurb, Ben James and Netta Peltola of Jotta: Unbinding the Book; Simon Costin of the Museum of British Folklore; photographer Graham Goldwater; Forager: Fergus Drennan

Credits left to right: Fossil Free UK; Cape Farewell; Professor Lucy Orta; Tara Hanraha and Jihye Lee; Johanna Schmeer, Reimagine London; Lewis Bush; Jotta; Museum of British Folklore and Graham Goldwater; Fergus Drennan.

Morris dancing at Green Week 2015, London College of Communication.
Image © Lewis Bush

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Green Week 2015: Morris dancing as part of Figures of Folk. Image by Lewis Bush.

Highlights from Green Week 2014 at London College of Communication. 

Throughout Green Week 2015 (9 - 13 February) staff and students were invited to take part in free workshops, talks, exhibitions and installations around this year’s subject of Natural Capital.

Conscientious Communicators was formed in 2011 at London College of Communication to develop and consolidate a community of practice around environmental and social creativity. We are concerned with contemporary perspectives which explore sustainability in practice and within the curriculumn, and investigating how designers, filmmakers, journalists, photographers and communicators are responding to the issues of our time.

Take your lessons from nature; this is where our future lies.
Leonardo Da Vinci